Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Comes Love than comes CAKE

Cleaning out our garage was a tough job.  Cleaning 13 years of fly poop and spider webs along with a huge to-do pyramid of projects that have been collecting in my allotted space ((2'x2') John doesn't share very well with me in his garage) took me from the time the location change was decided until the week of the wedding to clean.  It was lots and lots of hard work, washing walls, fighting,sweeping, scrubbing, purging, fighting, moving, painting, fighting, and did I mention John and I might have had a few words for each other during this cleaning process?  But now that it's done I think he might just like a clean organized garage.  

This palette was in my to-do pyramid and I hated to throw it out so why not paint it for the wedding.  I think this might have been my favorite decoration and it took me 3 minutes from start to finish.  Photo credit for this one is to Elly my granddaughter.

Now to cover up the stuff that John won't let me hide move.  My steal of a deal (free) with multiple bolts of burlap came in pretty darn handy.  I've had them for years and knew that someday I would have a use for them.  

Monica wanted lanterns, deer horns, feathers, burlap, lace and flowers..... Yep I can do that.

These two chairs, coffee table, side table, shutter and toolbox came out of my pyramid.  So let's make a seating area for gifts and visiting.  The two white cabinets hold all my chalk paint and waxes so burlap helped to dress them up.  The long table is my chunky heavy farm table that I do all my painting on.  It worked great for the gifts.

Burlap and Lace to cover up the vintage snowmobile, even though John thought that wasn't nesseccary.  

Each lantern centerpiece had a painted tray for the pyramid.  The chalkboard was also in the pyramid pile.

This wall holds all the bungie cords, extension cords, straps..... and I pinky swore I wouldn't move them..... Little did he know that I would cover them up and it would become the head table area.

Bouquets were Hydrangea flowers from my bush and baby's breath that I threw together on Thursday.  

Elly took this photo also when she wandered around with my camera.  I seriously forgot that I gave it to her and was pretty excited with the photos she took with it.  I think my granddaughter might follow in my footsteps.

Monica had asked Jesse to say prayer before we ate.  Jesse is by far the best person to say a prayer and give everyone faith, love and tears........... and he outdid himself once again.  His prayer was thought out, written down and read with so much love.

Time for eating and kissing.

One shot from when guest were starting to filter inside to eat.

The cake table was a desk that was on the bottom of the to-do pyramid.  It's been there for years, it was actually the first thing I ever painted and it was in the upstairs bedroom for years and when Adam took that room over it came out to the garage and sat there.  It was a horrible black latex paint so I carried it out to the burn pitt...... and then I changed my mind and decided to put it in the garden to plant flowers in...... and then I changed my mind and painted it to put the cake on it.  

The doors behind are from a house my sisters and I salvage yeeeeaaaarrrrsssss ago. 

Monica's mom Ellie made the sweets for the cake table.  These cookies were seriously delicious, they were strawberry lemonade cookies.  And I might have ate one of the chocolate treats too.  YUM

Ellie also made the naked cake.  It was perfect.

Who's going to get messy?

No one!!!

First comes LOVE than come CAKE

This concludes the ceremony day for the wedding.  The next day was the reception at a campground. The families went to the campground on Friday night and had a big campfire and lots of laughs.  It was time to start relaxing and celebrating.  I'll be back with more posts from the reception that happened the next day.  

This wedding was simple, sweet and we couldn't have asked for anything more.  Their families were there, their kids were there, their friends were there and they were the happiest I've ever seen them.  

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

More Wedding Photos

The bridal party was dressed pretty casual for this garden wedding, they looked perfect and fit Adam and Monica's personality to a tee.  

Yes the guys wore hats..... one thing you will hardly ever see is Adam without a hat and the rest of these guys are the same way.  So at least they are new clean hats not like some of the hats Adam wears.  

Our whimsical tree is a bit lopsided from this side also.

Mindy shared a few photos with us on Friday night already so these next ones I give full photo credit to my good friend and fellow photo club member Mindy.  

Adam's family

Our family keep growing.... just the way I like it.

John and I

Now it's my turn to take over the camera reigns.

Adam still wanted photos by Jason's trees so since it's nice and close we headed there for a quick 15 minutes or so.  We hung a sign on the chain just incase we missed telling someone of the location change.  I see Adam or John unlock this gate hundred of times and never really noticed how beautiful this location is.  

Jason's trees and hunting cabin in the background

Remember the price of the dress was one photo but when a photographer is the mother-in-law she might just take more than one.  I hope you make it to the end of this post.

Adam helped plant these trees when he was 5 years old, my how they and he has grown.  This is the tree Adam stood by for his Senior photos, his Engagement photos and now Wedding.  

I think this is about the only moment I did not see these two smiling. 

I asked for them not to be so serious and I got a smirk

And then these beautiful smiles happened.

I wanted to capture the size of these trees

Adam stood on the porch while I got a few of just Monica.

The back of this dress was just as beautiful as the front.

All lace...... remember it's 60 some years old and then washed in the washing machine....

Tomorrow I'll share a few more pictures..... make sure you check back.