Monday, August 29, 2016

Adam's Wedding

 Hello all.... I'm back to the blogging thing again.  After many people commenting to me that they miss my blog and they didn't know how they would survive without seeing photos of Adam's wedding that was held in our garden I decided to break my silence and let you all in.

Adam and Monica had plans to get married at the Hemmer hunting cabin in front of Jason's memorial trees....... after months of too much rain the wedding location changed to our house.  

Then more rain happened and wind storms breaking off limbs of the tree that stands in the garden.  The good thing is that Monica didn't get upset over any of this.  A lopsided tree has whimsy, flooded gardens.... no problem I have water boots, gail force winds coming from the west, add more rocks to the vases.  All of that happened and then Friday morning the sun rose, the winds stopped and the day was beyond beautiful.  

The lopsided tree glistened with lanterns, vases, chandeliers, and bottles.

Adam really wanted to get married by Jason's trees but this location is a perfect 2nd choice for them.   As I was coming home from getting my hair styled I prayed for a good day with years of happiness and I also put in a small little request for a butterfly or dragonfly to be seen during the ceremony just to give us a sign all our loved ones in heaven were watching us.

Guest were starting to arrive and Monica was showing her dress to Grandma Joanne and telling her the story behind her dress.

When Adam had asked Monica to marry him she had her mind set on a simple wedding with a simple dress and a few close family members.  I had bought a dress from a second hand store for $6 and she fit that dress perfectly.  Now months later she tells me the dress no longer fits and needs to be taken in.  No problem, her and I went to a bridal store for an alterations and as we walk in the door there is a dress on display.  Monica commented on how pretty the dress was and went into the dressing room to put her dress on.  As she was in the dressing room the store owner and I were chatting and I walked towards the dress again and picked up both sleeves and said to her, is this old or new?  She told me the story of a man that lost his wife after 60+ years of marriage and he couldn't bear to see the dress be destroyed so he donated it to her store in hopes that some bride would fall in love with it and want to wear his wife's dress for the price of one photo.  

I explained to the store owner that Monica commented on the dress when we walked in the door and as Monica was exiting the dressing room the store owner was on a mission.  She talked Monica into trying on the dress and as she walked out of the dressing room she said it didn't fit, she couldn't zip it. The store owner turned her around and zipped it up like she was Cinderella and the dress was made for her.  Monica didn't want to buy a dress since she didn't know the mans intentions, so she was declining the dress.  As she heard the story she once again said she couldn't take the man's dress, the store owner and I convinced her this dress was meant for her and starting now good things can happen to her.  She finally accepted the dress and now the store owner and I have to convince her to take it off.  She fell in love with it.

Stored for 60+ years, washed in a washing machine....stunning.

For the wedding I wasn't behind my camera.  My very good friend, whom I owe a lot to, was behind her lens so these are some of the pictures Shawna took with my camera while being a guest also.  One thing that happens when you're behind your camera is you lose the moment so next time you have a special event.... lose the camera or cell phone, not the moment.  

Adam walking Grandma Fran into the garden.

Ellie and I carried vases into the ceremony.

What was once a single flower, will come together to form a beautiful bouquet, their flowers symbolize their union in marriage.

Ellie was bringing in the kids with the wagon but Jr. would have nothing to do with it so he came in with us.  Dave and Ellie and John and I sat on farmhouse benches and when we sat it sunk into the soft rain soaked ground..... my dad who was right behind me said..... you're too heavy for that bench.... and then John's mom said something too.... it was a bit embarrassing but we love them.  Hopefully Mindy didn't capture that moment.  

The guys looking a bit nervous.

Their good friend Brock, Ordain Minister, saying a prayer before he starts his service.

Adam told me later he was very nervous.

Monica and her dad walking in.  

Monica's dad said he didn't want to give her away but he did.

That's all I have for the ceremony.  Mindy will have many more since I heard her shutter numerous times during the service.  Hearing that sound made me relax even more about not having a camera with me.  

I have lots more photos from Jason's trees and the bridal party to share with you but this gal is going to bed for the night.  It's been a long wedding weekend and I promise to continue to share the rest with you soon.  

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