Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maxwell 1 week

Thursday night when we were lying in bed waiting for our brains to shut off the activites of the day and relax enough to fall asleep John says "I suppose you have to see Max and Mallory this weekend..... I bet you're missing them.....right?"   "I suppose I have to take you there too?"   "It's been like 3 days already" 
I said - "I can go over there myself".......  he says "Oh no you're not!!"

Maxwell is 1 week old today.  

If you don't love baby lips there is seriously something wrong.....

Mallory and Maxwell feet

We took Max's birth annoucement photos today and they are really stinkin' cute but you'll have to wait until after they are delivered to see them. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Showers brings.....

weather fit for ducks.....

Monday, April 25, 2011

Eyes Open - Eyes Closed

Maxwell came home today.  He was wide awake checking everything out. 

And Mallory was being a big helper for mom.  She was so excited to be back home with Momma, but I think Momma missed her more.

Wanna play hide and seek?   One, Two, FIVE!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

He's Here and Our Easter

Lynn and Jesse are the proud parents of a 7# 10oz baby boy.  He was born on April 23rd. 

This is how our family spent Easter Sunday...... snuggling a new baby in the hospital. 

Garrett believes this is his baby and no one else should be allowed to hold him.  When the nurses took him for about an hour that was the longest hour for little G-Man. 

Watching a video with the new momma

And here is the happy family all snuggling together on Easter Sunday with their new blessing.

And of course a closer look at the star of the Easter weekend...... Maxwell David Frey

Mallory has been staying with us and has done very well.  Tonight I downloaded the photos and she sees Baby Max and Momma and has to touch my screen, kiss the screen and be two inches away from it talking to Momma and Baby Max.  Now after Miss Mallory is sleeping I am typing on a very wet keyboard with a really dirty screen.  We'll see how well she does tomorrow night with the real thing in her own house. 

One additional cute Mally story - Lynn called on Saturday afternoon and we headed over to pick up Mallory, we got there and Mally was already to come with us and "Momma going to the doctor" was just fine with her.... "Daddy going to the doctor".  We loaded up the truck and her while Lynn and Jesse headed off to the hospital.  We are driving down the road and Mally says "Momma going to the doctor" and we say "Yep, Momma is going to get baby brother", Grandpa wanted the baby to be named Maxwell since the beginning and we teased how we would call him Max no matter what they named him..... Grandpa says "Momma going to get baby Max" and Mally says "Baby Max" just like she's been told that is his name..... for some reason we knew right then that Mally spilled the beans and his name was going to be Max.  I'm sure this won't be the only time Mally spills the beans for little brother Max :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bringing Spring Inside

Can't have spring and flowers outside so I'll grow them inside. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Concert and Waiting

Miss El had a spring concert on Thursday afternoon.  It was "How does your garden grow?", perfect for Grandma....... but...... Elly was a WEED.  I wasn't real happy about her being a weed when I seen the programs but the weeds had the best part, they were rappers and looked really cool wearing their shades while they rapped out a fun song with lots of attitude.  Of course the tradition is to take her home after the program so she spent the afternoon with us. 

After the concert Elly and I went to see a new baby at the hospital and talked about how Tia should be having her baby real soon.  As we're visiting Tia calls and says baby boy Frey will be here before the weekend if over. 

On Friday while waiting for "the call" the kids came over to pass the time.  Elly is so excited to meet her new cousin but just as long as no one gets to spend more nights than her at Grandma and Grandpa's.  I haven't shared photos of her in awhile so here is Miss El.  She's an all natural little girl, if you don't like my hair or clothes..... too bad that's just the way it is!!    and she's growing up too fast.

Then there is Garr-Man, he found my hair ties and wanted every one of them in his hair.  He is such a good boy and also getting too big.  Having a little baby around again is going to be a big change for these two monsters.

For those of you checking to see what's happening...... So far "the call" has not happened.  Baby is still comfortable making Mommy very uncomfortable.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Past Weekend Event

Where have I been?  Has this blog been driving you crazy with no updates?  Sorry about that, I needed a break and had too much on my plate, but instead of writing about how busy I am and all the things going on that I can't keep up takes time away from trying to get my head above the water.  So instead this blog sat idol waiting for me...... Well it worked I am able to walk along the shore line with just letting my feet touching the water while a few waves hit me here and there, I'm sure some day I'll be back in treding water again but for now I'll try to get back my normal crazy life.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to photograph a very special heart warming event.  I'm choosing not to give a sneak peek for the event but I do have something from the weekend.  The event was away from home and involved a night's stay in a motel.  I also needed help during the event so Shawna and Mike came with us.  I'm so happy they were able to join us, we love spending time with them.

Of course before the event I needed to do some test shots and I usually delete them but this photo just has me cracking up so I had to share.  Thank you Shawna and Mike for spending time with John and I, we miss those "loose teeth" days.

Next is me, Elly called me the other night and did a Grandma interview for school.  She had a list of questions that I had to answer.  I think they need to update these questions... come on it is 2011

Grandma how did you get to school when you were my age? - "walked uphill both ways and the snow was as high as the telephone wires".....  (rode the bus just like you do)
What was your favorite food when you were my age? - "Lard sandwiches".......  this one stumped me I'm not a food person so to have a favorite isn't my thing.  I don't think I still have a favorite food but I told her pizza but really I don't remember even eating pizza when we were kids :)   It was roast and potatoes with homemade bread.....YUCK -I still don't like any of that.

I can't remember anymore of the questions but then she needed a photo of me....... so here's the hard part, what crazy photo am I going to give her..... the one with the big hat and fur coat with cat eye glasses, the one of me standing on a dresser in high heels, or how about the one of John and I looking like Green Acres.  I searched and searched and found the perfect one for her.... the one of me with the big nose and mustache holding the excited sign.  Yep, I'm sure Elly is so proud of her crazy grandma in school when all the other kids bring in their nice pictures of their grandmas.  The photo I gave her is probably at the bottom of her desk and she told the teacher she forgot it.  So for the sake of Miss El and a couple other reasons I had Shawna take a couple photos of me, smiling..... even showing my teeth..... yikes I know..... 

That photo looks like I'm running for president or secretary of the Army..... Maybe I'll get the big nose and mustache back out, it's more me.

One more..... I'm a head tipper, I don't know why it just happens. 

Now this grandma has to get ready for Grandbaby Number 4 in the next day or two. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Family Sneak Peek

These kids aren't suppose to be this big, where in the world did the time go?  The 3 M's have certainly grown up into quite the young adults.  It was so much fun having them around listening to their sibling humor. 

This is one beautiful family on a very special day.

Mom with her pride and joy

On this day they will marry their best friend......... again

With a strong confident attitude this mom has taken on more than some of us can imagine and again has been challenged with yet another journey.  She surrounds herself with the love of her family and friends and continues to be everyone's strength.  Her concern lies within these two girls.... there is power in prayers and tomorrow this mom could use one. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kids Sneak Peek

These kids were so full of energy and very comfortable doing what they love to do. 
They sure brightened my day.

The twins were having troubles sitting still so you had to click fast and catch their every move.

These girls were such big helpers to mom, they love to be behind the camera.

Twin One = Girl with lots of energy

Twin Two = Boy with lots and lots of energy

Mom is a very relaxed person and does a wonderful job making of raising these 4 seem like a cake walk. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Senior Photos Sneak Peek

A long time ago friend of mine contacted me for Senior photos of her daughter.  She didn't have her photos done because she really didn't want any but I think Mom finally talked her into taking just a few.  Well little did Miss Brit know that she was coming to the wrong place if she wanted just a few. 

First I had to get over the shock of her growing up, last time I seen her she was about 12 and I remember her most when she was like 5 and she stayed with us while her daddy went through some difficult health issues.  Miss Britny is an amazing young lady, I know she makes her mom and dad proud as the tears swelled up in daddy's eyes as he watched his little girl be a natural in front in the camera. 

Miss Brit tried to concentrate on keeping her eyes open as she smiles, she a squinter with that big smile. 

If you're having trouble getting the eyes wide just shoot from above and poof...... big beautiful eyes.  I love the serious look but Mom says "I see too much of that face". 

My good friend Lisa and her amazing daughter.  Lisa I think you shrunk...... seriously!!

A real Daddy's girl

Thank you guys for a wonderful afternoon, you don't realize how much you miss a person until you are together again......  I love you Lisa, can't wait to see you soon.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maternity Sneak Peek

A photo of Miss K before we get to the belly bump.  Love these curls

This couple is so excited about being parents for the second time.  Baby is due to make his or her appearance in less than 1 month. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Prom Session 2 Sneak Peek

I love a girl who is determined to brave the cold and mist to walk the streets and find the perfect spot.  I {heart} the light pouring through this passway mid-afternoon.  Perfect light + beautiful girl = Rrrrarrhhhh

OMG gotta love rim lighting on this fun couple. 

Yep they were naturals and I was loving the images popping up on my LCD

Monday, April 4, 2011

Prom 1st Session Sneak Peek

This first group of kids were way excited for prom..... well the girls anyway.  They all take the time to pick out the dress, the flowers, the jewelry, the shoes and the hair style so why not capture those thoughts in photos. 

It took many clicks to get this one serious photo from these grinning girls.  Just as they were all serious one of them would start laughing and we'd have to start all over again.  That's okay we got one

I have lots of photos to pick from but short on time so we'll leave you with one more. 
My favorite

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Miss M Sneak Peek

Miss M was back again for her 6 months photos.  She is growing so fast and is getting super cute in the process.  I just love visiting with her mom and dad during our time together and of course spending the time with Miss M is a huge bonus.  Meeting new friends along the way is the best part of this whole process. 

My weekend was jam packed full of all kinds of photo shoots so all week long we'll have sneak peeks. 

Here is Miss M stealing the spotlight.

Nothing better than a baby butt.......