Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lynn's Maternity Pics #3

This 3rd time around Lynn wasn't sure she wanted to do maternity pictures but of course we have to document it, it's a big deal.  This pregnancy has been a little tough on Lynn and I have to admit it's been a little rough on me too..... I worry, always have when our grand babies are growing, it's just what I do.  

Lynn was good with whatever we got so there wasn't much planning to do.  Of course with such a cute little family it doesn't matter what they wear or where we take them, they will be perfect.  

Max and Mally are so funny, I loved this picture of them being silly with mom.

Max looks just like my brother Randy and in this picture it's haunting how much he looks like him and since they share the same birthday it makes it that much more weird.  

Lynn thinks she's HUGE, but seriously that is hardly a belly.  

and one more for baby girl.....

Can't wait to meet her

Monday, May 19, 2014

More Layden

As promised more photos of Layden.  Babies with toothless grins are so darn cute and laying on Adam's favorite book makes him that much cuter.

Layden had one deer horn this time but it had his name carved in it.  Super cool.

Layden with his mommy and daddy.

I've taken pictures of many fathers and when I ask them to forget about me and just snuggle their baby I usually still get a bit of uncomfortableness but not this daddy.  His "comfortable" was pressing his face against his sons and just soaking in the love he has for him.  Even when not in front of the camera this daddy couldn't get enough of him.  

And momma was his playtime go to.  Daddy gets the snuggles and momma gets the giggles.  Love that these two photos show their personalities so well.  

And a baby that starts to discover his feet is oh so cute.

Love this little family and can't wait to watch them grow together.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gone Fishing

Layden is 6 months and he's so darn cute I can't wait to share one of his photos from tonight.  I set up the props before anyone arrives and John says "what if they don't fish?"  Me "doesn't matter it's darn cute anyway"

I had this brain storm idea on my drive home and raced around to make it happen and the results are so darn cute it was worth the stress.  Layden completed my idea perfectly, you never know when something will pop in your head.  :)

Now the hard part is deciding if I like the color or sepia better....... oh heck mom get them both printed huge and never take them off your wall.

Layden is Baby A's little cousin and I'm sure those two boys will be gone fishing many times to make this photo correct.

Layden did so well I'm sure I'll be sharing more of his photos soon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


On Sunday Mallory found a Robin's nest with 5 blue eggs in it.  She comes running and tells me to get a picture.  

On Monday John checked the nest to see those 5 blue eggs again and this is what he found.

5 gross little baby birds, of course I had to grab the camera again and get them with their mouths open.  They would all have their mouths open when I walked up but quickly close them and lay down in the nest as Momma bird chirped very loudly in the tree.  

Closer view just in case you didn't see their ugly eyes bulging out of their heads.

And another close view to see the entire body of one of them.  

Nature is simply amazing.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Up North relaxing and working

Last weekend we spent 4 days up north and it was perfect.  Beautiful weather, great company and lots of work done.

Our Friday started with garage sales while we traveled north, ended with a great fire sitting by the river enjoying the view with no bugs.   The river is HIGH

 These trees are normally not in the water.

Saturday morning we started putting in the new flooring.

Saturday we spent all day and night working on the floor, we quit at about 10:00 when we couldn't see anymore.  This floor is in the sitting room, kitchen, dining room, hallway, laundry room and the entrance.  It's beautiful and better yet it's water proof for those wet feet after playing in the water.  

Sunday we did a bit of the floor but then we got company and spent most of the day outside sitting by the water soaking up the sunshine, drinking Old Fashions and just relaxing our aching bodies from yesterday.  

Monday we finished up most of the floor and only have the entrance to do yet.  

Now for some pretty pictures. 

 This is the normal rapids when we put the kayaks in that we cannot get over....... there would be no problem now.  

 These funky ducks were playing in the water by us.  

The only thing better than a poking stick for the fire is a painted poking stick.  This is what happens when John makes me sit still......... I paint whatever I see.

 Let the summer begin :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Briar turning ONE

Some day I'll get caught up and stay caught up.  

Briar turned one and came to visit for his one year pictures.  His mom and me hoped that this time wasn't a repeat of his newborn photos.  (newborn = fussy baby boy) but Briar was a different little boy, he was all smiles and my little buddy.  It took him a bit to warm up to me but soon he was sitting on my lap and being quite the charmer.  

Briar is spitting image of his Grandpa Dan.  

Love mom's choice for his shirt.  These bright colors are perfect for pictures.

And big brother picked out this shirt for him.