Monday, May 19, 2014

More Layden

As promised more photos of Layden.  Babies with toothless grins are so darn cute and laying on Adam's favorite book makes him that much cuter.

Layden had one deer horn this time but it had his name carved in it.  Super cool.

Layden with his mommy and daddy.

I've taken pictures of many fathers and when I ask them to forget about me and just snuggle their baby I usually still get a bit of uncomfortableness but not this daddy.  His "comfortable" was pressing his face against his sons and just soaking in the love he has for him.  Even when not in front of the camera this daddy couldn't get enough of him.  

And momma was his playtime go to.  Daddy gets the snuggles and momma gets the giggles.  Love that these two photos show their personalities so well.  

And a baby that starts to discover his feet is oh so cute.

Love this little family and can't wait to watch them grow together.

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