Monday, May 12, 2014

Up North relaxing and working

Last weekend we spent 4 days up north and it was perfect.  Beautiful weather, great company and lots of work done.

Our Friday started with garage sales while we traveled north, ended with a great fire sitting by the river enjoying the view with no bugs.   The river is HIGH

 These trees are normally not in the water.

Saturday morning we started putting in the new flooring.

Saturday we spent all day and night working on the floor, we quit at about 10:00 when we couldn't see anymore.  This floor is in the sitting room, kitchen, dining room, hallway, laundry room and the entrance.  It's beautiful and better yet it's water proof for those wet feet after playing in the water.  

Sunday we did a bit of the floor but then we got company and spent most of the day outside sitting by the water soaking up the sunshine, drinking Old Fashions and just relaxing our aching bodies from yesterday.  

Monday we finished up most of the floor and only have the entrance to do yet.  

Now for some pretty pictures. 

 This is the normal rapids when we put the kayaks in that we cannot get over....... there would be no problem now.  

 These funky ducks were playing in the water by us.  

The only thing better than a poking stick for the fire is a painted poking stick.  This is what happens when John makes me sit still......... I paint whatever I see.

 Let the summer begin :)

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