Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lynn's Maternity Pics #3

This 3rd time around Lynn wasn't sure she wanted to do maternity pictures but of course we have to document it, it's a big deal.  This pregnancy has been a little tough on Lynn and I have to admit it's been a little rough on me too..... I worry, always have when our grand babies are growing, it's just what I do.  

Lynn was good with whatever we got so there wasn't much planning to do.  Of course with such a cute little family it doesn't matter what they wear or where we take them, they will be perfect.  

Max and Mally are so funny, I loved this picture of them being silly with mom.

Max looks just like my brother Randy and in this picture it's haunting how much he looks like him and since they share the same birthday it makes it that much more weird.  

Lynn thinks she's HUGE, but seriously that is hardly a belly.  

and one more for baby girl.....

Can't wait to meet her

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Natalie said...

Gorgeous!! Love them all :) The pic of her holding Max she seriously looks like she's maybe 5 months pregnant...must be the angle or the black shirt. Love those pics with the kids!! And that dress out by the barn...beautiful! My favorite of all is when she has her hand on her hip. Love, love, love!