Sunday, June 1, 2014

Gracie and Lainie Sneak Peek

These two girls are pretty darn sweet.  I've gotten to know their mom pretty well and I have to say she makes me look forward to photo club every month.  I've been taking Gracie's pictures for a few years now and every year I tell Jennifer that the next year she will do much better......... the year finally came.  Gracie was a rockstar!!

Little sister Lainie was just as good, must be from watching her big sister.

And since these girls will have a baby brother or sister in hopefully less than 2 weeks I got mom in front of the camera too.  Jenn has had an envelope with the baby's gender in since her 20 week ultrasound but hasn't ever opened it.  She hasn't taken any pictures of herself to remember this pregnancy so of course I had to take the picture of her with the girls and open the envelope........

Just kidding I didn't open it.  Soon we'll find out...... I say Girl.

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