Friday, June 20, 2014

Mally is 5, Max is 3

Before that new baby comes we needed to take these two pictures.  Mally is 5 and Max is 3 and they are so excited for their baby sister to come.......soon

Mally is our little princess girl who loves all things lace, frill, & sparkly.  But give her sticks, mud and 4 wheelers and she'll be the one in a tutu covered in mud and loving every minute of it. 

Max is out little Emmerich boy, he seriously makes me go back to my childhood days.... if you want to know what my brothers looked like just look at Max.   John always says he can see my brothers and my cousin Julie's son Andy in him.  Those Emmerich genes are hard to knock out.  

Give Max sticks and he won't put them down for nothing and when he does and I can't find the exact same one he blames me and makes me look until I find it.

They are seriously best friends

This looks just like brother Randy, his son Beau and Adam all rolled into Max

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