Friday, June 27, 2014

Melanie Mae Frey is here

Yesterday I got an email from Lynn saying she felt a few twinges so be on alert to pick up the kids.  Nothing to worry about yet since she didn't really know if they were meant to be anything.  About 30 minutes later she texted and said..... you might not make your photo session tonight.  I suggested I come get the kids now vs waiting till later and she didn't agree but I then called her and she said it was fine but she thought it might be a false alarm but I was okay taking the risk of coming home without them.  

As I'm driving she is sending me text messages but my truck prevents me from getting them while I'm driving.  It takes me about 45 mins to get there and as I'm driving down their street Jesse is running down the road to the neighbors.  OH NO I said.  I made sure I parked far away from their garage and Lynn walked out and said Jesse was going for back up they needed to leave NOW.  The kids and I sat on the sidewalk and watched them pull away.   They have a bit of a drive but I'll let Lynn fill you in on those details when she gets back to blogging.  

I can tell you that this baby girl didn't waste anytime once she decided it was time she was in a big ole' hurry.  

The next morning we headed over to check out baby Melanie Mae.  Grandma Great came with us, she loves her babies and she's been saying a prayer every night since we knew Lynn was pregnant and if you know that story it's been a long time.  Melanie is her 18th great grandchild.  

Grandpa John got his snuggle time in.  

She might be the cutest baby I seen today....

Of course we all need to see her close up to check out those lips, nose, and eyelashes.

Mally wanted a picture taken with her baby sister, I'm sure there will be many more to come.

Being a grandparent is pretty darn special and we've been blessed with 6 beautiful healthy grandchildren and we thank the good Lord everyday for all of them.  

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runwyoming said...

Soooooo many congrats for you all!