Monday, June 23, 2014

Beautiful Weekend Up North

Summer feels like it's slipping away from us so quickly this year.  It may have something to do with the cold snowy winter we had and feeling of spring not getting here quickly enough.  I have a Project Life Album for our first year at the cottage and this year is actually right in line with last year.  This weekend was forecasted to not be very nice but the lawn needed to be mowed so we headed up on Friday night.  We had supper with Gayle and Bill and got home a bit late...... errrrr I mean early.  
Saturday morning the plan was to mow lawn and then go for a kayak ride with Gayle and Bill.  As I'm relaxing on the deck skeeter free, John is dressed like it's 20 below so no skin is exposed.  There were 20 kayaks that paddled by, this is the coolest sight to see, all those fun colors and everyone having a great time.  

Most of these photos were taken with my cell phone so I'm sorry for the crappy grain. 

Gayle and Bill were there shortly after they went through and we patiently waited for John to finish.   Then it was our turn to float down the river.

We start out by some small rapids and of course we all have to go through them to start our adventure.  I normally don't take a camera or cell phone with me, not that I'm afraid of getting them wet (tipping over a kayak would take a bit of work to do) but I just like the un-hooked relaxing trip with nature.  But this weekend was a bit different.... we are waiting for a call about Frenchie's arrival so my cell is with me.   

John coming through the rapids.

Gayle and Bill behind me.

The morning had started out really cloudy with no sunshine but when we hit the water the sun came out and gave us this beautiful day.  The clouds were amazing.

A normal paddle down the river to our cottage is about 1 hour...... unless you paddle around and enjoy the trip...... 2 1/2 hours later we arrived....... starving because we were in such a hurry we all forgot about eating. 

So that means it's pontoon time to the bar for a burger and more floating a few hours of this beautiful day away.

We got home late once again but it was early enough for a campfire and as my dad would say "a night cap"

Sunday morning we still have no signs of baby coming so it's back out in the kayaks for John and I.  This time we paddled up stream about half was and floated back. 

Another amazing beautiful sunshiny day.

Since the trip up river was a bit of a work out on the way back there wasn't a time that we paddled..... it was a natural float all the way back. 

We loaded everything up and put everything away, took showers to be ready to head home and then the river sucked us back in again.  I went down to take some pictures with my camera and some how the chairs got put into the water and I had to hold it down for a few hours so the current wouldn't float it away.  

Skeeters have been bad but this weekend they were bearable and when your in the water there aren't any.

Last year our first time in the water was during the 4th of July weekend so we are a bit ahead of schedule and the water is really, really nice right now.  

This weekend there was no baby, she's taking her sweet time and that's okay we'll wait for her but in the mean time I could take this view in all day long.  

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