Thursday, August 27, 2015

Double T

Meet Titus Tommy he's brand new.  Super snuggly and gosh darn cute.  

Double T fits right into this family.  After Shannon's maternity pictures he was all ready to make his appearance so he came a bit early.  

It took a bit to get him to get comfortable but when I did it was dreamland for Double T.

A family of cowboy boots

Oh my gosh super adorable....  

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Chelsea Senior Photos

It's getting to be a busy time of year for Seniors.  She's a beautiful girl inside and out and I'm so happy to have gotten the opportunity to take her Senior photos.  

We scheduled for an early morning which was best for mom and me.  That early morning light was so worth the feet hitting the floor at the crack of dawn....... on a Saturday.

Before Chelsea arrived I took a walk around town since I was in a new location I didn't know what to expect.  This little spot stuck out for me.  Grundgy door, spindly weeds and red wall.  Chelsea might have thought it was a bit crazy and she did admit that she never looked at this spot even though she went by it many times.  

The early sun was peeking over the roof and hit my lens creating a bubble rainbow

This might have been her mothers idea but I can say it sure was fun to use those bright colors in the background. 

Next was a stop at the park.  Again still awesome light hitting her hair.

After we were done we chatted about school and other things and I couldn't help but to capture her "one more time".  She stops mid-sentence to give me the most natural smile.  Truly a wonderful girl.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Owen and Emmett

This last week was tough to get a photoshoot in with the rain and cold.  Mom wanting a summer family photo and little boys with shorts needs warm weather and dry ground..... we finally got them done but not without sprinkles on the window on my drive there.  It was a very gloomy night and the light could have been better but with this cute family they rocked it.  

Owen does not like to look into the camera, he will be looking at me with his face but his eyes are looking anywhere else so capturing him with straight on eye contact is my challenge.

Brothers forever

Emmett was a bit on the cranky side so we took a break while he had a snack and then let him warm up with special snuggles on a blanket with mom and dad.  

Owen and I headed off to get some photos of just him being handsome.

Emmett was crawling towards me and he was so gosh darn cute.  

Then he crawled to the chair, stood up and had a blast smiling at me and mommy.

Emmett was back on the go to get in on the action Owen and daddy were having.

More fun with mommy

Such a beautiful family and I friendship I treasure everyday.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Pig in the Pines 2015

It's our Annual trip up north for The Pig in the Pines event.  We left on Thursday night after work with our fantastic neighbors.  We hit er' hard that night and by 9:15 we were listening to our favorite one man band Brad Emanual and would have been dancing on the tables but they were full.  We took this selfie and noticed a almost naked girl in the background.  We all looked at her after we seen the photo and yes she does have a shirt on.....  We met a couple when we went to the Dominican, they have a cabin near Minocqua so we sent this photo to them and said.... "we started without you"....

When we finally got to the cabins it was late but we drank some more and sat by the fire.  Then about 1:30am we decided to drive to the lake and take pictures of the full moon.   Yep good decisions we were making at that time of night.  It was fantastic, it was warm the moon was so reflective off the water and we had taken a couple drinks along to enjoy.  

Paul and Kathy being so romantic.... or preventing each other from falling in the water.

Paul, Kathy and John were by the beach and I was still over to the left by the boat landing and a pickup drives in, hops out and shines a flashlight on them.... I was walking towards him and he quickly shines his big ole flashlight on me and says "hey what are you doing"..... "taking pictures of the moon you wanna see?"  He was the DNR and I think he thought he just busted some kids for partying at the beach at 2am.  Nope just a couple of middle aged folks who don't know when to go to bed.  He talked to us for awhile and then as he hopped by in his truck he said..... "just clean up before you leave"

When John was on almost being awake for 24 hours we decided it was time for bed..... Friday morning came awful early and we got onto the water pretty early.  When we pontoon we pontoon all day long...........

I took my camera with on Friday and got a few shots along the way. 

I think this is his way of giving me the bird.

While on our pontoon ride we rested by an island and cooked some snacks and had a few old fashions.  Of course you drink you have to pee right?  This island wasn't very big so I found a tree to squat by and the ground was at an angle so it was a perfect choice so the pee would run down the hill and not puddle by my feet.  Well until the tree broke that I was hanging onto and I fell down tumbling down that hill.....
John yelling - (as he sees my blonde head bouncing around on the ground).... "what are you doing?"
Me - (being very quiet so no one sees me)
John - "Connie you okay?"
Me - (thinking SHUT UP)
John - "do you need help?"
Me - NO!!!!

Got myself back on my feet, swim bottoms pulled back up and just bleeding a bit from the sticks that poked through my skin.  Yep I was an embarrassed mess.  I chose to pee on the ground cuz I didn't want to get wet...... well I was in the lake anyway.

If I didn't tell you before I'll tell you again  "I am my mother"

Now tonight is the full moon so after we got off the lake we drove around stopping for me to take pictures.  Paul is really good at stopping, John doesn't stop for anything. 

 I think we might have went to bed early this night..... well early like by 11:30

Saturday we are up and on the lake again.  We're pretty excited to meet our new friends from the Dominican.  We find a spot at Beer Can Island and yep...... have a few cocktails. 

No camera today since I think it might not survive very well.  So my cell phone was used to take a picture of us having no fun at all.

We all might be getting a little too much sun......... Yep I'm going with the sun :)

We were to go to pig in the pines for ribs tonight.... we might have stayed on the water a bit too long so we got to Pig in the Pines 15 minutes before it was over.  A full rack of ribs shared between 6 of us and the last two songs from the band..... and me thinking our shadows were pretty darn cool. 

yep me being a dork...... I am my mother!!

A few stops later and bedtime about 3:30am..... sleep is for the weak.

Sunday Funday we took a walk around Mainstreet.  A fun photo of Kathy and I.

I think everyone needs to look at my by lying on the ground - I'm much thinner and taller.

And another night of Brad Emanual and this time we had a table to dance on..... Oh boy!!

Late night again.

Monday morning Flea Market stop and we're heading home. 

It was a fantastic weekend, we had so much fun and way too much laughter.  Already counting the days till next year.