Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Owen and Emmett

This last week was tough to get a photoshoot in with the rain and cold.  Mom wanting a summer family photo and little boys with shorts needs warm weather and dry ground..... we finally got them done but not without sprinkles on the window on my drive there.  It was a very gloomy night and the light could have been better but with this cute family they rocked it.  

Owen does not like to look into the camera, he will be looking at me with his face but his eyes are looking anywhere else so capturing him with straight on eye contact is my challenge.

Brothers forever

Emmett was a bit on the cranky side so we took a break while he had a snack and then let him warm up with special snuggles on a blanket with mom and dad.  

Owen and I headed off to get some photos of just him being handsome.

Emmett was crawling towards me and he was so gosh darn cute.  

Then he crawled to the chair, stood up and had a blast smiling at me and mommy.

Emmett was back on the go to get in on the action Owen and daddy were having.

More fun with mommy

Such a beautiful family and I friendship I treasure everyday.

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