Sunday, February 12, 2017

Caiden is ONE

This little man turned One last week, he is the last of the grandchildren (for now) and as he turns one we can't imagine what our lives would be like without him.  He may have been a surprise to all of us and a bit of an adjustment for many but in the end he's a child, a life, we share the same blood, he needed us and we needed him.  Some can still not adjust but we left them in the dust.  I come from a loving family of the more the merrier and we are more and we are merry and if we have challenges we take them head on and work through what needs to happen, pick ourselves up and move on.  

Okay enough on that let's get back to this cute little boy who turned one, a special day that only happens once.  When Adam and Monica brought him over he was napping.  Miss Andee has learned how to crawl out of her crib and into Caiden's crib so not much napping happened at home.  He was slow with the smiles but he soon recovered.

Here's the smiles little buddy.

This is Adam's old and very loved Tonka truck.  I love the missing paint and rust, however Caiden didn't think too much of it.  No buttons, no noises..... 

Caiden has beautiful blue eyes and a perfect laid back personality.  

Monica baked him a cake that looked like a donut, it was the cutest ever.  Jr and Andee thought we were having a birthday party at Grandma's house.  Caiden is ready for the cake smash photos.

It started out well.  Tasting the frosting.....

And then he moved his foot and it went right into the cake.....

It went down hill fast from here.  He does not like to be dirty, sticky, or in this case blue.

But he kept putting his foot into the cake the madder he got.  

I moved the cake so his foot wouldn't keep hitting it but he still wouldn't have anything to do with it.  I tried to get him to taste the sweet frosting but he couldn't get past the frosting foot.  

He was on the move to daddy to help him.  Game Over..... we gave him a bath in Grandma's sink and he was all smiles again.  Guess mud puddles will be off limits from this little man in the spring.  Don't worry I'm sure Jr and Andee will teach him to jump in them and enjoy the bath after.

Happy Birthday Caiden