Monday, February 28, 2011

More Photobooth Peeks

If you're getting married or a fun birthday or graduation party having a photobooth to capture all your guests in a zany fun way is what you need.  Who wouldn't want a photo like this to smile at every time you see it? 

 In 2004 my sister DiAnn had a 40th birthday party that all the guests dressed up like old people (so she wouldn't feel out of place about her age) (she was not impressed by the way, but it was so fun).  During the night Gayle, Starla and I had our picture taken with our fur coats, fake rotten teeth, cat eye glasses, skirt tucked into my nylons...... you get the picture, we were way cute.... I framed it in a 5x7.  It's one of my favorite photos it still sits on my dresser to start my day with a grin.  Had that photo been taken with us standing straight, regular clothes, "say cheese" smiles..... it would probably have just stayed in the scrapbook to be seen once every 5 years or so.   So if you looking for some fun way to jazz up your parties contact me for more photobooth photraphy information.

Now let's take a peak at more Destination Medford

You start by looking your best - apply lipstick if needed ;)

If you heard laughter on Friday night I'm sure it was coming from the Veranda.

Grab all your girlfriends for a weekend of fun

You may have to practice where to place your mustache and lips while your family gives you crazy looks....

You'll learn some things that could shock you

I give you time to feel the music....

and more "working the camera"

Thank you all again and last but not least 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sneak Peak of Photobooth

Like I promised here are a few photos from Friday night.  We had so many laughs and so much fun I want to do it all over again tomorrow.  Thank you all for coming out and spending time being silly with me. 

The food was fantastic too..... right girls?

They were such good sports about this photo..... we cleaned them all up after they were done so no-one would see them like this {wink, wink}

Thank you Shawna and Lynn for helping out tonight and helping everyone be so relaxed in front of the camera.  Your accessory selection for everyone was fantastic.

I took over 1,000 photos and they will be up on the link soon.  I'll send you all an e-mail as soon as it's done.  I have more sneak peaks for tomorrow night, they are so fun.  I laughed a gazillion times while editing today I hope they bring back the same laughter for you.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Brothers Wedding

My brother Rusty got married today to a wonderful gal.  This family lived down the road from us growing up and I spent lots of time at their house, who would have known that we'd be celebrating a wedding together in 2011. 

Rusty and Barb have been together for a long time and finally decided to take the plunge.  Barb asked me to take one (1) photo for them on their special day.  She wanted one photo to be able to hang on their wall.  I accepted the challenge of one photo and most know before I even went that I'd fail.....  I took more like 200 ;)

Since Barb's request was one photo for her wall, that is what her sneak peak will be..... her one gorgeous photo of a very fun couple.  Congratulations Rusty and Barb we had a fantastic time and wish you many years of forever.

This was a relaxed fun wedding, they danced down the aisle to Rascal Flatts "Why Wait" which fit them perfectly.  I loved that part and can't get that song out of my head.... so In case you don't know the song here is a link to the video (now you won't be able to get it out of your head)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Destination Medford = Womens Weekend Photobooth

 Tonight is the Destination Medford Women's Weekend and I will be at the Veranda for registration waiting for all these fun gals to come try out my photobooth.  I can't very well put other people in front of the camera doing fun things unless I try it out myself so here I am thinking...... and of course I got my list of things I need to do in my hand which does not including playing in front of the camera :)

I am so excited about this event, it's going to be so much fun for me and everyone in front of the camera.  I cannot find the words to explain how I am feeling so I wrote it down to show you.

So those were taken on Thursday night and here is John and I setting things up before the event.  Do I still look excited?

I have a busy weekend so I'll try to get some sneak peaks from the event up on Sunday, it's going to be so much fun.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Day

The alarm goes off at 4 AM and John looks out the windows..... "I don't think you're going anywhere today"

Are you kidding me?  He goes out to check the damages..... yep we are snowed in by 4-5 foot drifts right in front of the garage doors and along the end of the driveway.  Maybe they will blow away within the next hour so John calls in and we go back to sleep waiting for my alarm..... 45 minutes later and they are still there.  Now I am not a person who ever calls in sick, I did it once and that was 2 days after I had my appendix removed and even then I went in for an hour meeting.  I don't like calling into work, I despise it, that is not me so this is going to be a very long day.

At about 8:15 I talk John into trying to shovel a path and getting one of the trucks out to slam a path through the drifts so I can get to work.  He of course will do anything for me and knows that I will not let him enjoy his snow day if he doesn't try.  So he shovels me a path to walk through to get to the open part of the driveway over to his truck.  Such a nice guy :)

We load up in his truck and take one slam at the drift and it's over the roof of the truck and there we sit.  I ask him to back up and keep slamming it, we're bound to break through.  Ummmmm that wasn't an option since the drift was the entire length of the straight part of our driveway.  We put the truck back in the garage and I'm officially stuck at home..... a snow day.

Here is the drift in front of my garage door and it's as wide as the apron.

Here is John trying to shovel a path through so we can get my truck out.  I told him to stand up straight so we could see how high the drift was.......

He says "I am standing up straight".  Okay that's a big snowdrift.

Later this afternoon the FedEx truck slows down at the end of the driveway, pauses and continues down the road.   They were not about to even chance it...... "OH NO, I want that delivery, it's a photo order".  So John hikes out to the beginning of the snowdrift and then climbs through it as the FedEx truck is coming back down the road and stops to hand him the package.  He comes back in the house with snow covering the entire length of his legs and says "I hope you're happy". 

My snow day was okay, but I better be able to get to work tomorrow or I'll have to have words with Miss Mother Nature. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pileated Woodpecker

As this big shadow went by the window I ran out with the camera not knowing what it was.  I only got two shots which neither of them are great focus on the woodpecker.  He must have been looking for a place to stay before the storm comes.  I remember getting mom a wooden one of these, for the pole in the driveway, for her birthday.  I wonder if it's still there?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Silly kids

The kids had a sleep over tonight and they are so silly.  I love spending the time with them, we can't help but laugh at them the whole time.  Garrett loves to play with Adam's Lego's but usually has to do it upstairs because of Mallory.  Mallory wasn't here so it took lots of talking to convince him that we could bring some of the Lego's downstairs to play.  He finally did and had to have a little table set up right in front of Grandpa's racing.  Miss El is a Lego lover too, she set up right across from him. 

Garrett loves to pick on his sister, but he's so darn cute... he uses his one finger to tap her toe.

There are two toy totes that I brought down for Garrett.  One is the toy tote for him and Mallory and the other one is Adam's one hundred million matchbox cars which includes one thousand broken cars, five hundred thousand loose wheels, numerous tiny screwdrivers, one hundred super balls, and who knows what else.  This totes is what little boys are made of because all little boys that come to our house when I bring this tote down for them to explore they dig in there for hours.  (I love the sound of little boys digging in matchbox cars or Legos) Garrett is 100% boy!!  While he's digging he brings me a super ball and says "No ReeRee" and as he points to his open mouth "Choke".  I have to take the super ball and put it on the counter so Mallory (ReeRee) doesn't choke.  Ahhhhh such a sweet cousin, he's always trying to protect her, but remember ReeRee is not here.  I thought this was really sweet of him until it became a very long night with everything in that tote that ReeRee could choke on....... if she were here, which she wasn't. 

They both went to bed very well tonight after a little talk about not being able to stay up late at Grandma's if she didn't want to get grounded again...... but at 5:01 Miss El comes into our room and says Garrett is up already and I can't find him.  As John and I jump out of bed (thinking to myself how am I ever going to tell Shan that we lost her little boy somewhere in the house, I'm sure he's here somewhere we just have to find him.  We put him somewhere where we wouldn't forget where we put him.....honest) we run downstairs and Garrett is standing right next to the couch, right where he was all night long.  "Elly I thought you said he was missing"..... "Oh no I meant to say he was awake". 

Okay so we're all wide awake now, it's time to start the day.  Thank goodness for Tom and Jerry being on so early in the morning.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Little Miss "J"

Little Miss J and her mom came over for some photos. J will be in a Little Miss Competition in March and needed some fun shots to show her personality.  She is a natural beautiful little girl who is full of giggles and grins.   These shot certainly show her personality right from the very first photo and by the end of the session Miss J was rockin' the camera. 

You have to love a little girl with freckles like this!!


Thank you both for a fun morning. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mr Adorable and Snowflakes

The last few days we've been waiting for the doctors to decide what they are going to do with John's dad.  He's been sick for quite awhile and Tuesday they decided to keep him in the hospital and do surgery on Wednesday.  Wednesday got here and Shannon, the caring granddaughter that she is was there checking in on them from time to time to see what was happening.  She is our angel in the medical field and if there is anything grandma and grandpa look forward to when they have to go the clinic or hospital is Shannon's visits to check in with them.  Well Tuesday night they shipped him off to another hospital in the ambulance and it was one more night to wait and find out what was the problem.

Wednesday comes and they are going to take out his gall bladder and search for the gall stones that have disappeared inside him.  John and I take off Wednesday afternoon for a quick customer visit near the hospital and then spend a few hours in the waiting room with his mom, brother and sister-in-law.  The stories that we heard from all involved in Tuesday's events were not joyful stories during the evaluation so when the surgery was taking longer than expected we started to pace the floors.  The doctor came out to tell us everything went well, he tried to wake up before he was done and the gall bladder was rotten and needed to come out.  They would come back to tell us when he was going to be taken to his room.  I found a closet of puzzles and games so after a full game of dominoes and 2 puzzles we finally got told we could meet him in his room.  There were 3 nurses that were bringing him back to his room and setting him up.  The one nurse came out into the hallway and said....
Nurse - "he is adorable"
Us - "what?"
Nurse - "he is so adorable"
Us - "Gilbert Hemmer and Adorable have never been used in the same sentence ever"
Grandma - "can you come home with me"

Oh My Goodness we laughed so hard at those nurses, they all thought he was so funny, happy, adorable, polite.... now if only they would give you that happy juice when they are doing the evaluating process the other doctors and nurses could have see that side of him.  I have to think back to when I had my appendix attack and laid on the bathroom floor for 8 hours and when John finally convinced me to go to the emergency room I was none too pleasant to the poor nurses and doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with me.  No matter what's making us hurt or how old we are we probably aren't the most happy patients until the happy juice is flowing through the IV. 

He was doing well today but will be spending another night with the nurses, hopefully they have the same relationship by the time they release him :)

So since I didn't take my camera along for a photo of Mr Adorable you get a snowflake that I took by turning my lens backwards on my camera.  It's really hard to hold the camera still, my body still while shaking in the cold and keeping the lens square on the body of the camera when held backwards but this photo shows some details that you don't usually see in snowflakes falling from the sky.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Needing Spring

-14 @ 4:45AM

Where is that dang groundhog?  He says spring is right around the corner, yeah right!!  If I could only see the corner behind all those snowbanks.....

Monday, February 7, 2011

G-Kids Valentine Photos

After technical difficulty last night with this blog I went to bed crabby, mad, and totally confused.  I ran out of space, I'm not sure how that happened but I guess after 3 full years of post I should have known it would be coming soon.  Unfortunately I know many people come here to listen and giggle at my non-sense or look at my photos or they just plain want to see what I'm up to without me knowing.  Whatever the case may be I really hated to create a new blog that was again going to run out of space.  John's solution "just delete the old posts".  Ummmmm not even no but H E double hockey sticks no.

So after an hour of no resolution I deleted 20 old post from way back in 2008 just so I could get this post up.  No such luck, it didn't work.  I went to bed mad and had to toss and turn all night long thinking about this.  I think I might be a  fruitcake and the only person from Wisconsin that had a lousy night.  I guess there was some big football game on or something. 

Well tonight is a new night and another round of frustrations but I got this post up anyway.   Not sure what I can do for the future but my daughter is a wizard with web design and computer related issues so I might just have to hire her to hook me up with a solution.  (She wasn't much help texting about it last night, she just seemed to giggle at me for using up my space). 

Enough whining let's show off the Grandchildren.  The youngest (for another 3 months) is Miss Mallory  sporting her girly girl look.

Next is Garrett-Man who will not look at the camera even if I bark like a dog, moo like a cow, spin around, or bride him with snacks.... he won't do it.

And the oldest Miss El showing off the oldest telephone we have here.  She is such a big help with the little ones, Mally will not walk as soon as she sees Elly, she begs to have her pick her up and carry her.  She doesn't do this with anyone but El.

And all three which is impossible to get them all looking.  I Love Elly's look, Mallory's feet crossed and Garrett playing with a necklace..... too cute.

The girls already talking to each other on the phone.  Mally wouldn't sit on the bench she had to sit on Elly lap.

Garrett not liking the telephone as much as the girls..... he needs another boy around.

Miss Mally with a "wink"

Garrett crying

And Miss Mally called to tell her little brother she loves him

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oozing Cuteness

Oozing Cuteness is what Miss "B" is doing.  She is 9 months just in time for Valentine's Day.  Her big brother decided to pose for a few.  He was such a busy boy that photos were the last thing he wanted to do so Miss B worked the camera without him. 

I loved the sepia version but the color version brings in a close 2nd.

What a doll

I have a sneak peak for more cuteness that rocked the camera today, I'll post them tomorrow.