Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Emmett 3 months already

Little Emmett is 3 months already, it's hard to believe those months have gone by so quickly.  This little guy started out so tiny and when I seen him and held him I couldn't help but feel so much love for him.  He's worked so hard to grow and his momma worried about him non stop but seeing him today makes you realize that momma's love their little boys and they will grow bigger and stronger right before your eyes........... while they grow closer to your heart.  

Moms do not get very many pictures of them with their babies.  These times when they are small you want to remember them perched up on your shoulder giving them kisses and just melting into their hearts.  Dad's don't have the instinct to pick up the camera and preserve the moment like moms do so capturing these shots for Tina to cherish forever are very important to me.  

Emmett's big brother was so fun, he was more into playing than pictures this time but we did get a few of him being himself.  He's quite the handsome young man too.

Emmett didn't show me his little gummy smile very much tonight but he's still the sweetest ever.  

My beautiful friend with her baby boy, this is my favorite for the night.  The look on Tina's face makes me smile every time I look at it.  That's the smile of a very proud momma.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

POTW - 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.....

I've kept up on my POTW's {well kinda, if snapping a few mindless photos for 2 minutes means keeping up then yes I've been keeping up} 

Week 12 - Green

My green weakness........ one a day!!  I've quit a gazillion times and always come right back to it.  

Week 13 - Negative Space

I love painting salt and pepper mills.  These are a favorite so far.

Not sure if this is negative space but I like it.

A little owl I found for Shannon and painted him solid white, I should have done a before picture of him, he was scary.  

Week 14 - Texture

My scarf collection 

My favorite pink boots.

Week 15 - Lines

This day we went up north and had bought a case of the flavored Ritas.  I tried the Raz-ber-ita and was good.  The box said to mix the flavors so I mixed the Strawberry and Lime........ awesome.  Next I mixed the Raspberry and Lime....... awesome.  Then I quit........

While I drank the rites I sat on the deck in the warm sunshine and noticed the lines in the snow.

A furry friend I was watching all day.

Week 16 - Pastels

Carrot cake M&M's I bought for John.  He doesn't like chocolate but he loves carrot cake.  

Week 17 - Yellow

A fun little bird I painted with some new paints I got.  I love paint!!

My yellow hedgehog on a stack of vintage books.

My yellow table that I couldn't sell last year - I've grown attached to it.  It may not be taken to the Jazzed Up Junk sale this year either.   The pear was a ugly painted thing that I bought for $1 at a second hand store and painted it yellow and distressed it.  Another favorite item of mine.

I can't promise I'll stay caught up on these POTW's but I can say that I will try my best.  

Pretty girls and their brother

These two pretty girls have been here before with their cute matching Easter dresses but this year they have a brother to throw in the mix.  While Jack was warming up the girls know exactly what to do.

Jack is just 6 months and he hasn't quite mattered sitting up by himself yet.  Isn't he a handsome little guy?

Jack in the box......

 These girls are so fun, they are full of energy.  Little Sophie put herself on a time out cuz she liked the chair.  Oh they make me laugh.  

Hadlee and their surprise.

Hadlee came over for her 2 year pictures.  She has the best curls on the back so I tried to capture them and her sweet little face.  

Hadlee looks just like her momma

Jodi was going to have a slide show going at Hadlee's party and throw this one in the mix to see who noticed.  

This one they might catch a little quicker.

Hadlee was a little muncher on her snacks in-between photos, we thought for sure we would have fruit roll up or graham cracker crumbs in every photo but we did pretty good.  After we were done she sat and ate her snack and posed so cute for me when I wasn't anywhere near my camera.  I quickly picked it up again and she gave me one last chance to capture her.  This is the money shot of the night.  {I did have to photoshop the cracker crumbs off her lip}

Congratulations Jodi, Joe and Hadlee, can't wait to meet baby number 2.

Kayla 1 and Kayla 2 - Prom girls

I had two girls for prom pictures both named Kayla.  Kayle 1 is from Phillips High School.

And Kayla 2 is from Medford High School.

Both Kayla's were beautiful and very excited for their Jr Prom.