Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter at Home

Holidays are a big deal to me, I see my kids and the grandkids a lot but having them all together and celebrating holidays is just different.  When growing up we only had Christmas as a family because Mom and Dad had to open the bar for the other holidays so we just went out there to celebrate with them and all the other people that came in but it didn't matter we were together and Mom was seeing us on a holiday.  Now I know how important that is, to just see them on the holiday is so important to me....... it's a lot of work but John tells me I do it to myself...... I haven't a clue why he says that.

I chose to put myself behind the camera today since the kids are getting so big and documenting them growing up is pretty important for them when they look back and remember these special holidays.  So here are a few (ok a lot) of photos.

Our table runner...... a giant color book.

Colored pencils and me have a love affair..... and so does burlap and twine.  I sharpened everyone of those pencils so they had a point.  Burnt up the pencil sharpener and begged John to fix it because I only had about a dozen left.  

Got them all done, it just needed to cool down :)

This is the metal tray my Mom (the Easter Bunny) would put out every Easter morning with the colored eggs.  I love using it.

As soon as the kids walked in this happened.....

Then it was time to hunt for baskets and eggs.

I had Jr help with coloring the table runner and I asked John to take some pictures.

This next one Jr is smiling so big and we look so cute.........

The downfall to having your camera set with everything on manual, know one knows how to use it correctly.  Just invasion us being in focus.

Jr never cries but he fell off the red footstool and he was upset.

John making sure all the money was taken out of the eggs..... darn Grandpa

More coloring

The food was tasty, the kids were extra sweet and the weather was perfect for a memorable holiday celebration.  

Happy Easter.

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