Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Family surprises

I've been behind on blogging, like really behind but to my defense I've had so many "secret" photo sessions lately that I forget where I'm at.  This session was a surprise for my sister DiAnn's birthday.  Her kids set up a time to come over for some family photos to update her frames.  She's a mother of 3 and grandmother to 5 pretty cute boys..... and 1 super sweet little girl.  

Nina and Mark with their whole family

Nina is a great mom, these boys may be talkative and curious but she has a system and they listen to her.  When they came in the house they all took off there shoes in a line, handed their coats to Nina in a row and off they paraded to the couch.  Pretty amazing!

Nina with her 3 boys.....  

Jesse with his family but Robin's son couldn't come with today.   Jesse was a bit upset with me on this Saturday morning since I picked the time and I guess anything before 11AM is too early and it was a few hours earlier than that.  

Jesse with his little girl.

Monica or who we like to call Mona and her fiancé

All three of them together.  I did take some without Jesse's hat but that's just not who he is.  Jesse is a hat kid and pictures should be who we are used to seeing.

We will wait for warmer weather to take the entire family together and we decided to not do all the grandchildren since one was missing but I couldn't resist this shot.

DiAnn got her gift from them and was knocking on my door the same day to see the rest of them.  Can't wait to fill her wall with these gorgeous faces.  

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