Sunday, April 27, 2014

Little A is ONE

When Little A turned one he had a nasty cold and it took a while to take his one year pictures.  We got them done a while ago but when an un-named someone is behind in blogging she doesn't know what she blogged and what she didn't until someone ask me when they will see pictures of him.  So that un-named someone is going to try to get caught up.

Little A is such a joy to our lives he loves his snuggle time with grandma and grandpa.  I can't get over how darn cute he is, of course I might be the only one who thinks that.

Adam was a little ball player when he was about 4, he {or I} wanted to play t-ball but the the cut off for his age was 25 days before his birthday..... I did what any parent would do.  I lied about his birthday and got him on the team, it's t-ball what could possible happen in 25 days before he was 5.

Adam's t-ball experience was very interesting..........  we gave Little A his daddy's glove and ball for a few shots.  

He held up the ball so perfectly for me.

I love this one.

During Adam's first t-ball games he didn't really understand the rules but he tried really hard and had such a fun time hitting the ball and running the bases.  One of the games he hit the ball and got on 1st base while the next player hit the ball.  Adam stuck to the base until someone told him to run, well the batter hit a pop up and the pitcher caught it making it 3 outs.  The other team ran into their dugout in a big massive group {and they were big kids and Adam was a little runt}.  Adam stood his base and they plowed right over the top of him.  He looked like a turtle tucked in his shell and the dust was rolling around him.  Those big kids did pretty major damage to Adam and his t-ball history, he was done with this game.  The next week he refused to play until the last inning and the coach finally talked him into batting.  He got on base and managed to run all the way home with help from his teammates.  He runs out of the dugout right towards us, trips and lands smack on his face on the concrete........ his  t-ball days for that year were done.  

Little A wanted his mommy 

The happy family with their little one year old.

I like this picture how Adam is looking at Little A, this boy means the world to him.  Adam says Jr isn't going to play t-ball but we'll see when the time comes.  Adam did play again the next year and played until he was in High School and loved it.  When he goes to Josh's games it drives him crazy to watch instead of play.  

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