Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Quinn and Macie - Twin Sweetness

My niece Kristi came home for a visit last Thursday and she brought with her the sweetest little girls eva', her twin girls Macie and Quinn.  

When I was young I babysat for Kristi and her brother Mike.  I remember putting a diaper pin threw Kristi's leg, yes I even closed it and didn't know it was in her leg...  yep pretty much the worst auntie ever, I'm not sure to this day why she calls me her favorite auntie Connie other than I'm her only auntie Connie.  Kristi grew up with my girls and we spent lots of time shopping, playing, crafting and just talking.  When Kristi moved away for school she moved to Portland MAINE, the same year Lynn moved to Portland OREGON.  They couldn't have gotten anything further apart and have something in common.  Kristi has found her home in New York and 9 months ago had two amazing little girls.  Kristi is a wonderful mother and these little girls show their love for her just by the smiles on their faces.  Seeing them for the first time I wanted to eat them up but of course they are not used to our big family so having all of us in the house at the same time was a bit overwhelming.  We all had to ease ourselves close to them to steal a hug or even playing with toys but they warmed up within an hour or so.  

I couldn't wait to give Kristi the gift that will be with her forever.... photos of the girls.  

Macie (left) is a little shy and quiet, she smiles and warms up fast when your not too close to her.  She has the cutest little look to her and her shyness makes you want to snuggle her that much more.  

Quinn (right) is more outgoing but yet shy, she flirts with you as soon as she sees you but cries if you come too close.  She is the spitting image of Kristi.

Kristi says this could be interesting because when they are close to each other there is hitting, pinching, pulling hair....... and it comes from both of them.  

Kristi told Quinn to be nice and she  tries to hold Macie's hand.

They are crawling and they are fast so we had to contain them a bit.

It was time for Easter dresses and hair bows.  Macie sported her hair bow and pretty dress like a big girl.

Miss Quinn didn't want anything to do with hers.   We tried everything to get her to forget about that flower on her head.  Not happening, see Macie with that shy little smile.

Quinn found her own way of forgetting about her headband........ she spotted Macie's.  From the expression on Macie's face this happens a lot and she's like "OMG I can't believe your going to pull that out of my hair"

Then Quinn got disciplined and slowly finished the job.

One way to make them forget about hair bows is to stick them in pots..... totally worked. 

She reminds me of the Swedish Chef on the Muppets cooking his spaghetti .... I can hear him yelling and tossing that spaghetti around right now.

Here is Kristi with her two lovely girls being all quiet and cute

Then this happened........ I have a feeling it happens a lot, the girls are pretty used to it.

This face shows the craziness these girls bring her but it also shows the love she shares with them.  Unconditional love that you don't know you have until you have a child of your own...... or two.

Today I was honored to go to Quinn and Macie's baptism, my heart grew while I watched my sister's family share in this day.   I also tear'd up a bit when I said good bye to them all, I've grown quite attached and I can't imagine what Grandpa and Grandma will do when they say their good byes.  

Until I see them all again, I'll have these photos to help me smile and remember their visit.  Love you Kristi, Quinn and Macie  Safe travels to your home sweet home.

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