Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hadlee and their surprise.

Hadlee came over for her 2 year pictures.  She has the best curls on the back so I tried to capture them and her sweet little face.  

Hadlee looks just like her momma

Jodi was going to have a slide show going at Hadlee's party and throw this one in the mix to see who noticed.  

This one they might catch a little quicker.

Hadlee was a little muncher on her snacks in-between photos, we thought for sure we would have fruit roll up or graham cracker crumbs in every photo but we did pretty good.  After we were done she sat and ate her snack and posed so cute for me when I wasn't anywhere near my camera.  I quickly picked it up again and she gave me one last chance to capture her.  This is the money shot of the night.  {I did have to photoshop the cracker crumbs off her lip}

Congratulations Jodi, Joe and Hadlee, can't wait to meet baby number 2.

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