Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Emmett 3 months already

Little Emmett is 3 months already, it's hard to believe those months have gone by so quickly.  This little guy started out so tiny and when I seen him and held him I couldn't help but feel so much love for him.  He's worked so hard to grow and his momma worried about him non stop but seeing him today makes you realize that momma's love their little boys and they will grow bigger and stronger right before your eyes........... while they grow closer to your heart.  

Moms do not get very many pictures of them with their babies.  These times when they are small you want to remember them perched up on your shoulder giving them kisses and just melting into their hearts.  Dad's don't have the instinct to pick up the camera and preserve the moment like moms do so capturing these shots for Tina to cherish forever are very important to me.  

Emmett's big brother was so fun, he was more into playing than pictures this time but we did get a few of him being himself.  He's quite the handsome young man too.

Emmett didn't show me his little gummy smile very much tonight but he's still the sweetest ever.  

My beautiful friend with her baby boy, this is my favorite for the night.  The look on Tina's face makes me smile every time I look at it.  That's the smile of a very proud momma.

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Amy Underwood said...

Connie, you caught the essence of my niece and the love for her family. Thank you so much for always taking such great pictures. I love all of them!!! The boys expressions are wonderful.