Sunday, April 27, 2014

POTW - 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.....

I've kept up on my POTW's {well kinda, if snapping a few mindless photos for 2 minutes means keeping up then yes I've been keeping up} 

Week 12 - Green

My green weakness........ one a day!!  I've quit a gazillion times and always come right back to it.  

Week 13 - Negative Space

I love painting salt and pepper mills.  These are a favorite so far.

Not sure if this is negative space but I like it.

A little owl I found for Shannon and painted him solid white, I should have done a before picture of him, he was scary.  

Week 14 - Texture

My scarf collection 

My favorite pink boots.

Week 15 - Lines

This day we went up north and had bought a case of the flavored Ritas.  I tried the Raz-ber-ita and was good.  The box said to mix the flavors so I mixed the Strawberry and Lime........ awesome.  Next I mixed the Raspberry and Lime....... awesome.  Then I quit........

While I drank the rites I sat on the deck in the warm sunshine and noticed the lines in the snow.

A furry friend I was watching all day.

Week 16 - Pastels

Carrot cake M&M's I bought for John.  He doesn't like chocolate but he loves carrot cake.  

Week 17 - Yellow

A fun little bird I painted with some new paints I got.  I love paint!!

My yellow hedgehog on a stack of vintage books.

My yellow table that I couldn't sell last year - I've grown attached to it.  It may not be taken to the Jazzed Up Junk sale this year either.   The pear was a ugly painted thing that I bought for $1 at a second hand store and painted it yellow and distressed it.  Another favorite item of mine.

I can't promise I'll stay caught up on these POTW's but I can say that I will try my best.  

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