Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm okay but you won't wipe the smile off my face

I'm still here and everything is okay.  It's been a crazy couple of weeks but all the excitement is starting to slow down.   I had 2 very important audits within the last two weeks and both went very well.  Let's just say that last night I called John on my way home from work, he was waiting for my call and was wondering how things went.  My only words were "There better be an Old Fashion waiting for me"  He says "Celebration or Frustration?"   CELEBRATION BABY!!!!  I'm still smiling but could not have done this without all the wonderful people I work with.   ISO 9001-2008 Audit with ZERO findings for the second time.

I'll share more news with you soon but right now let's just say it's been a wild ride.  Speaking of a wild ride these skates were Lynn's and I was going to sell them but now they work as a vase on my table both inside and outside the house.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Yellow

First day of Summer..... who knew??  COLD

Longest day of the year..... who knew??  DARK

I woke up this morning at 4:45, looked outside and said "where's the frickin' morning"  it was dark and made me want to stay in bed.  But I didn't, I went to Boot Camp and got my butt kicked, after 30 minutes of weights and cardio the instructor is still going strong.... 15 minutes later it's finally time for stretching.   You would think after almost a year and a half of this brutal treatment every morning that I would either be able to kick some major butt or quit this nonsense.... well neither has happened yet.   A couple weeks ago we had a guy instructor and his workout was nothing, it was so disappointing to have gotten up for that.  He had us do a few stretches, lunge across the floor, skip (yes I said skip), balance on one leg while squatting, and then sprint around cones like you used to do in grade school gym class.  We spent more time waiting in line to run the cones than we did any exercise.  Now lets fast forward to the next day....... OMG is all I could say as I threw my legs or stumps off the bed.  My feet hit the floor and every muscle in my legs hurt.  I still went to the gym for more torture and stretching hurt me terribly but soon I loosed up and all was good.  Now I'm at work and hurt so badly that every time I sat down or stood up I said "ouch" I walked like an old lady and took 4 advil throughout the day just so I could move.  That night I seriously could not walk up the steps, I couldn't sit on the couch, walk, stand, lay..... I wanted someone to take me to the doctor but I was afraid they would touch me.  I continuously complained (whined) to John until he humored me and paid attention to my complaints he says "holy shit dear your leg muscles are tight".  Every inch of my body hurt and then a week later "he's back again" and he has the nerve to say "how was last weeks workout" of course we all say "excellent" (in the sweetest voices possible just so he might take it easy on us girls) he does a similar routine and this time I was sore but not as bad.  

What that has to do with today's photo is......... nothing.  

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summers Eve

It's Summers Eve..... where is summer?  The flowers are beautiful but who wants to enjoy them wearing sweatshirts and jeans while drinking hot chocolate. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sneak Peek + Maternity/Family

Here are a few from the maternity family session I did.  This will be one lucky baby, big sister and brother cannot wait for his or her arrival.

loving a little sunshine on their left.

Mom thought it would be fun to write messages to the baby.  The kids wrote and wrote and wrote until every inch of the belly was filled with their thoughts.  Such a fun memorable project for all of them.

I love that the kids drew a heart around mom's bellybutton.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sneak Peek + Baby Bump

Just a quick peek for this family that is expecting a baby real soon.  I'll be back with more peeks hopefully tomorrow night.  I'll also show you the fun that was had sending messages to their baby brother or sister.  For now enjoy the moment frozen in time.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sneak Peek

I had a wonderful opportunity to provide memories for a friend.  I was delighted to find so many personal touches within their home.  These little jesters that are so everyday to this family were telling me a story about them before I even entered their home.  Anyone who places a new flower in a tiny vase that hangs by their back door wants every visitor to feel welcomed.  And that is exactly how I felt, welcomed and appreciated.

So typical of any couple getting their photos taken, dad always needs help with adjusting his collar.  

The setting sun was provided such a beautiful color and amazing light on his face.  Those loving hands provide him comfort everyday.  Comfort that hurts so badly and the kind you want to last forever.

This location in the backyard has been traveled by many bear..... and they live in town.

No words are needed for many of the photos that I took.  

This home was built by those hands

Two of the daughters were there that night and this is how grandma and grandpa communicate with their grandson and daughter that live far away.  The little guy caught a big fish that day and can't wait to see grandpa in a few weeks.  

Dads boots have been planted every summer since the day he took them off for retirement and will be for many years to come.

Thank you all for allowing me to come into your home and capture the love that grows within.  Treasure the days to come and embrace the love between all of you.  

God Bless 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mallory "Be Two in June"

When you ask Mallory how old she is this is what you hear "be two in June".  Her birthday party was Saturday and she was the not so typical girly girl.  She wore a tutu all day and carried around her balloons.  She went through three changes of clothes but that tutu stayed on while she "got dirty".  She is a girly girl that gets dirty and looks cute doing it.  Here is our Mallory girl in her second set of clothes for the day.  

Maxwell got a little bit of attention today.  

Mallory eating her cake and ice cream with Elly.  

If you noticed Elly in the above photo she got a haircut to start out her summer.  She was having a hard time keeping it brushed with one arm so Shan decided to let her cut it.  She told the girl "I want it cut up to here" pointing at her chin.  Well mom wasn't willing to give that much so they compromised.  Having a hair cut, being at a party still doesn't put smiles on this face when you point the camera at her.   

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I was out of town for a couple days and when I get back home and see this view I have to say "I love our home".  The other day Lynn was here and spent the night with us and while she was feeding Maxwell sitting in the livingroom she says "I love it here, it's so warm and cozy".  I might think I need new flooring (which I do) and I think I need a new couch and chair (I do need them) and while I am dreaming I need my bathroom re-re-re-remolded (it's been done a few times) but when I'm gone from here I walk back in and I'm all better for a few days again.

Don't forget to bring your flowers into the house, I do it every Saturday and I find new vases and new places to put them every week.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

65 Years

John's parents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this last week.  We had a very nice dinner with all the boys and their wives there.  We often wonder what a Hemmer sister would have looked like.  

John is the youngest of the boys.  You can tell the brothers and sister-in-law that are retired by their tans. 

Congratulations Mom and Dad, we all had a great time helping you celebrate.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sneak Peek

Trying to catch up with the sneak peeks so here is another one.  This fun group came to see me for a business photo and we had so much fun getting some everyday photos.  The idea of people being themselves and having fun makes a huge statement to others.  

The next best thing was sharing a few drinks by the campfire.  

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Family Sneak Peak

I have a few shoots to catch up on but here's a few peaks from a recent family photo.   

I sure do love the chance to get outside and capture the beauty of a sunshiny day.

And changing to black and white it's now my favorite.