Friday, October 10, 2014

Little A - 18 months

Sometimes you have the perfect poses, the pretend smiles all thought out for these milestones...... and then a busy hungry boy changes your plans.....   

He's not normally smiley little boy, but his stern look just melts my heart.   Little Adam looks like his Grandpa Dave and the Hemmer that runs through his veins might not be in his looks but it's in his love of trucks, tractors, playing toys on the carpet, hooking up trailers on every thing he can find and most of all his LOVE for loud trucks that go by the house.  

I bought him these book for Christmas and couldn't resist getting them for him to look at.  I thought he could look at them and I'd be able to put them back for him to open on Christmas.  He loved them so much that my heart burst and I sent them home with him.

He was so excited he had to show mom and dad.

I love this shot, perfect everyday life right here.

As Jr laid his head down on his arm and played with his little MOOOOO cows reminded me of how Adam used to play.  My heart exploded once again and a tear maybe formed in my eye.  

It was time to feed his hungry belly so ignore the french fry in his mouth.  Sometimes you have to capture those perfect moments.  Pumpkin, MOOOOO cows, chubby little hands, bare toes and french fry hanging out of his mouth...... PRICELESS

And then raisins were on the menu.  No raisins means no photos so raisins it is.  

Momma exploring and learning about the pumpkin with her little boy.

Jr wanted more raisins and daddy is being silly with him.

Of course Jr got his way and his little grin shows you who's boss.

You ask Adam to take a picture you'll get goofy ones.  He's just like his Auntie Gayle, you can never get a serious photo of her and Adam is the same way but this is perfect example of them.

Okay ADAM now be still and look at ME!!!!  (I can say scream that to my son)

Can't tell you how much we love this little family.

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