Sunday, February 2, 2014

Work Weekend Up North

Sometimes when we go up north we have to get work done.  This year old man winter is putting way too much snow on the roof so John had to shovel it off.  While I stayed warm and toasty inside he worked in the cold and never once asked me to come help.  I'm not sure if you're husband is like mine but it seems no matter what project he does he always needs my help for something, and of course it's always when I'm busy doing something else.  

The snow on the roof wasn't the problem it was the day all the snow fell off the roof onto our deck that would be the issue.  There is (was) a lot of snow up there and that deck is pretty high up off the ground to rebuild it.  

After these million and two photos (sorry I really liked taking them) I got back to my work of painting the dining room and kitchen.  As I'm sitting on the floor painting the bottom half of the walls I look out the patio door again and this is what I see.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!  Remember how I said the deck is HIGH off the ground, and he's pulling large amount of snow off the roof.  

He managed to stay up there but I held my breath the entire time.  Well maybe I instagram'ed it but I really was concerned.  :)

Saturday I got lots of the painting done and when John got done with the snow he even helped me and he doesn't paint.  

Sunday morning we wake up and I had to take a picture of this room.  This is why I wanted the rooms switched, I can sit in the early morning sunshine snuggled under a blankie and watch John make breakfast.  

We got the rest of the painting done on Sunday and got 11 cupboard doors done.  Only 9 more to go…. why again did I want to paint this room?

Getting some of the stuff back up on the walls and curtains hung.  It's pretty amazing how this looks compared to the dark paneled walls.   Click here for the before.  

Many people told us to leave it as is, you're outside in the summer more than inside anyway.  Many people told us to tear off all the paneling and replace with drywall.  And there was me that said….. I can paint that.  Of course John hears that all the time from me.

As we're waiting for the last doors to dry I grabbed my dark aqua paintbrush and was going to paint the bench.  John begged me to leave it as is, the bench is from my mom and dad's house that we all sat on to put our boots on in the basement.  When I got the bench I painted it with the tree and bird nest apparently he likes it just like it is.  I left it as is.

And here is the dining table switched to the other room.  It gets some great sunshine in the morning and all afternoon. 

Now to get the floors done :)

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