Thursday, January 30, 2014

POTW - Week 5 - White

Decided to throw a color in every month and of course this month we are seeing lots of white so white it is.  

Here is the white snow we are seeing everywhere piled up higher than the stop signs

White is a pretty simple color but when it came right down to finding it I was having troubles.  Came home for lunch one day this week and the sun was beating on the toilet paper and I immediately thought  WHITE!!!!

Lynn has talked me into doing project life for our first year at the cottage and here's the box on one of the products. 

I painted the kids toy room a light, light almost white gray.  I love it.  Usually I navigate towards color but for some reason almost white was screaming at me.  Now we're replacing the trim and flooring so a simple paintng project with a simple color has turned into a big project….. little does John know that when this room is done I'll be starting on the next one.  It's time to make our upstairs look like mine vs looking like Adam still lives there.

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