Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snowy Up North

We've went up north a couple times in December just to check everything out and the minute we walk in we crave summer and campfires.  There hasn't been a weekend for us to spend up there since November and this weekend was one of the same, just enough time to drive up and check things over and head back.  Our trip up just before Christmas was so beautiful, there is so much snow up there it's ridiculous.  Since I didn't bring my camera (I know what was I thinking) I used my cell phone to document the amount of snow on the deck.  This is our view as soon as we walk in 

but by the time we leave John has it all shoveled off since we know this is the start of winter and all that snow gets pretty darn heavy on those decks.  

I headed to town for a few items and couldn't believe how beautiful all that snow was so I couple more cell phone pics.   

Jesse was going to be coming up for a weekend of snowmobiling with some buddies so I had to take a picture of the amazing trails he'd be riding on.

So I'm back from shopping and I really wanted to sled down the hill.  It's steep and snowy so it should work right?  I plop the sled down, jump on top of it and get a face full of snow as I slide off the sled and it stays there.  That snow is waayyy to deep to break a path so my loving husband (even though he thinks I'm a crazy nut) shovels me a path.  Like his shoveling off all the sidewalks and decks wasn't enough.

Here's the path and it works awesome, of course I ran my cell battery to nothing so there aren't any pictures of us sledding.  Just imagine two crazy nuts sledding down this sleep hill on a plastic sled.  It was great but the walk up was horrific and of course I went down a gazzillion times.

Today we drove up to check things out again and I remember the camera this time.  It was a nice day considering we are suppose to get temperatures in the twenty's tomorrow.... that would be in the below zero twenties.  

I love this cottage next door all tucked back in the trees.  We've met the lady that owns this once so far, she is one of the daughters from our cottage owners.  They bought this land from their parents and built the cottage tucked back a ways from their parents house.  She's now getting up there in age and her husband passed away last year so she doesn't come up but two, three times a year.  She's a great neighbor to have :)

The sledding hill after another foot or so of snow.

Of course I walk down by the river I have to come back up..... the snow is up to my knees now so it's a bit of a work out but totally worth it. 

My tracks back up the hill

Here's my praying for summer photo.  
Our fun patio lights are right here waiting for us.

Everything is going well up north, it's fun to take a break and go check on it.  We rearranged some furniture today so our view to the river just got better.  As we sat and drank a beer watching the snowy outdoors we really dreaded coming back home but we did.  There are lots more winter weekends to go up and enjoy the whole weekend. 

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