Sunday, January 19, 2014

Maternity Photos

Maternity session scheduled for Saturday, the new mom is ready for them, we've been planning for what look she wanted with baby #2.  The date was set in plenty of time, still another couple weeks before baby's arrival.  I talk with her on Friday at 2:00ish and everything is set, she feels that this time is more what "she" wants than with baby #1.  She's done her homework, she's picked out everyones clothes and locations.  

I am excited to come back from my holiday break and get back into taking pictures and making others happy.  I've got everything ready for the early morning shoot.

And then.......... this happened.........

Yep she called me on Friday night at 10:15 to let me know her baby boy was here.  Baby #2 didn't waste any time coming into this family.  Of course now I'm so excited to see him and mommy that I can't sleep.  My restless night came up with a plan to help document this moment in their family scrapbook.  

I used my free time in the morning to buy a couple balloons and continue with mom's plan.  I met a man walking his dog while taking pictures of the balloons and he says "baby already showing who's boss?"  Yep guess so.

It was a bit early to be stopping at the hospital to deliver the balloons so I decided to alert their neighbors and any passing cars that a new baby boy has joined this family.  

Later that morning I did go visit and dad meets me in the hallway and says 
"busy this morning?"  
"who me, why?"
"who else would it be"

Pretty tough to hide my big ole' smile

This story might make mom a bit sad now that she didn't get her maternity pictures but this little boy will hear the story over and over again and what a fun story to tell.

And he is sooo cute.  Can't wait to spend more time with him....... and mom.

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