Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Snow Baby A

Baby A is 9 months already and couldn't be any cuter.  I don't know what this family would do without him, he was meant to be here he was meant to be the most important person to his mommy and daddy, he was meant to be stinkin' cute at anything he does.  So let's just say as he crawls around the house getting into trouble he's so stinkin' cute I can't help but giggle at him and let him do whatever he wants. I'm the grandma and I spoil him!!

So New Years Eve I had a half day off work and texted Adam to bring me little A, of course I had lots that I could do at home but spending time with A sounded much better.  Adam was out the door and I quickly took a few photos of Baby A as a snowman.  

I started with the scarf and buttons, he didn't like it but he still smiled at me.

Then I added the hat and nose and he went cross eyed and pulled off the nose

And then the hat

I was pretty persistent and putting it back on but kept the nose off since he really hated that and his eyes crossed every time I tried it.   I didn't get any without him trying to take the hat off but I think they are perfect with him holding it.

Then he cried, but you know me I like pictures of crying babies.  

Not touching the hat but has the just done crying face.  

Then we did a couple nice pictures of him to document the 9 month milestone.  

He loved sitting in this chair all by himself, he would get to the end of it and tease me with leaning over.  Baby A, Grandpa and I had a great New Years Eve.  Grandpa got steak and shrimp while Baby A got peas and applesauce.  Yum, Yum

Happy New Year to all of you and may 2014 bring you joy and happiness.

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