Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Little Emmett

Here is the early bird that decided to come a bit sooner than expected and ruin mom's plans of maternity photos. 

With a face like that he can do anything he wants.  

He is seriously the lightest baby I have ever held and he's the sleepiest baby ever.  

Big Brother Owen helped me pass the time while Emmett filled a little hole in his tummy.  Owen hasn't been a fan of my camera but tonight he was a rock star.  

When we asked Owen to take pictures with his baby brother he was so gentle and kind to him.  He really knows that being careful around him is important and this photo will be treasured for years.

I have never been able to fit a newborn inside this frame before.  Emmett fit with room to spare.

Tina looks fantastic after having this little peanut and I am very fortunate to know and love this family of 4.  

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