Sunday, December 29, 2013

POTW - Week 1 - Bokeh

Doing photo of the day has been a thing of my past for a few years now and to go back to that I know will not happen.  So I've decided to try a POTW (photo of the week) with of course with some encouragment  from the girls at Photo Club.  The first week is Bokeh (tiny bubbles of light)

This first one is the Christmas tree totally out of focus (on purpose) making some pretty sweet bokeh

I took a picture of the silver ornament for the reflection inside it but then really didn't like seeing me standing on a chair with a big ole' camera in my face so I did a little photoshop magic on it.  Would have made a good Christmas card..... too late for that.  

And a couple more, just because it's fun.

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