Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Programs

Elly's 5th grade Christmas program was in a new school this year, she's now in the Middle School, I'm not sure when that happened.  The school is terrible for parking when there's an event so a brisk mile walk in below zero weather was quite the change for us from her little small town school.  After the walk it was nice to be in a packed gym to warm up.  Her class did so good, they are in the age of sounding like a real concert with altos and soprano sections.  It was an enjoyable concert.  

I don't like to take my camera to the concerts anymore, I can pay more attention to what's happening that moment vs hiding behind the lens so a quick i-phone photo was what I posted for Lynn on Instagram to find Elly.   Even though the class size is much bigger than other years and the gym was so much larger I said to John "I think I can hear Elly singing"  he says "so can I".  That was pretty cool to be able to pick out her voice with all those kids.  

This year we had Garrett's first Christmas program, he's in pre-school and he's a different little boy in school.  He knew all the words and did all the actions to all his songs.  He was so darn cute up there in his antlers and red nose.  I could park in the front row of the school parking lot, 1 minute walk to the door....... it was great.  Here's my quick i-phone photo of his class.  (oh Lynn I thought you were wrong finding Garrett on Instagram but you are right he is the far left in the top row)

Then Mallory had her Family Day that I got to go to.  She's also in Pre-school and her school is pretty small too and the teacher lines up the kids in a row and makes sure they are standing right in front of you.  This teacher is more focused on family and the kids connecting with their family vs just standing up there singing.  They sang a couple songs and then we had to join them in two songs that involved the hokey pokey and dancing.   Here is Mallory waiting to sing her songs, another i-phone photo and this time Auntie Shannon had to find her on Instagram....... she found her but thought Lynn dressed her in the wrong color.   :)

Then for Mallory's program we got to decorate a gingerbread house together.  This was our house.

Mallory with her house.

After Mallory's program I got to take her home, her momma and Max were at home after a night's stay in the emergency room with Max.  We get there and Lynn looks horribly tired after being awake for longer than 24 hours and Max is sick, whiny, and pumped up on steroids so he's not sleepy.  I look at Lynn and after 2 minutes of talking to her I send her to her room.  Max has worn her out and with a growing baby in her belly she needs some sleep.  

Mallory had ballet class that night so after an hour and 20 minute sleep Lynn is up and we're getting Mally ready for a ballet trip with Grandma.  I did have my camera with me so of course with this not being a program I could hide behind the lens.  

Mally's the light pink and black blondie right in the center.  The teacher said the most important part of this stretch was pointing the toe.... I think Mally got it.

This stretch was to touch your head to your knee but still point the toe.

After stretches they go to the bar and of course Mally choses a spot that is behind the door so I can see her through the crack in the jam.  

I tricked her and moved.  

They learned a new move with their feet.  Mally has it down.

Then they learned a dance and going through it a few times these girls knew just what to do.  Amazing they listen so well.  

Still pointing her toes

Last was leaping over the teachers shoe.  The instructions were to leap and always point your toes.  Mally was the first one to leap.... nailed it!!

 We get back to Lynn's house and she comes bouncing down the steps asking how dance was....... hummmm this is a different girl.  A nap did her wonders.  

 Maxwell still isn't feeling the best so he got to snuggle with grandma again today.  He has croup and his little coughing spurts still scare me, poor little guy. 

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