Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our Family Christmas at home 2013

 Our family Christmas is Christmas Eve.  I used to be flexible and fit us in whenever it was good for all the other families.  
(I have to admit I've never had to share my children and I wasn't a fan of it)

The whole switching days and meals every year was too confusing for everyone so we decided to pick a day and that would be the tradition our family would keep.  It's Christmas Eve for supper and for the last three years it's worked out perfectly.  

I was driving down the road and realized how pretty the house looks with fresh snow. 

The snow outside matched the snow for my Christmas Eve table.  

The house was clean and ready for family.  

Our tree this year was a bit of a needle dropper so we opted for putting it on the tile floor vs the carpet.  I kinda like it right in the middle of the house.

As the kids arrived I took their Christmas photos

Here is Lynn, Jesse, Mallory, & Maxwell

Shannon, Kyle, Ellyn, & Garrett

Adam, Monica and Adam Jr.

John's mom joined us for Christmas Eve again this year.  The kids love having her here and I think she likes watching them open presents and getting excited about their gifts.

There may have been a bit of spoiling happening here.  

Every year I buy them an ornament and take their photo with it.  Hopefully I'll be able to make them all a book of their ornaments when they are 18 or 21 or married or ......... I'm not sure when I'll ever be done buying them so we'll see.

Here is Elly with her BLUE fish

Adam Jr with his penguin, or course he has to chew on something and we thought the tag was safer.

When I wanted the superhero photo at Halloween I could not find capes and masks but of course I find them during my Christmas shopping so Garrett, Mally and Max got them in their stockings.  They were a hit.  I should have got all three of them running around with their masks and capes but I didn't....  

Garrett wasn't happy that he had to take his mask off and stop playing superhero for his ornament picture so he's a bit pouty, that's okay he's still cute.  (we couldn't get his cape off so it's still wrapped around his neck)

Mally with her blue bird, her cape is pink and since Garrett didn't have to take his off neither did she.

Maxwell with his ornament, he's not quite into looking at me vs the ornament.  Silly boy

After many hours of fun Grandma Great is ready to head home.  She says good bye and we holler upstairs for the kids to say good bye and they all come running down and tackle her with hugs around her legs and waist.  She was in heaven with all those hugs, I got a quick picture with them all.  There's and extra one here, that's Jett, he of course wasn't going to not be part of that hug fest.  

Since I didn't get our picture on Christmas Eve it's our tradition to take a self timer photo on Christmas morning before we head out to Gayle's.  

We truly are blessed with great children who have grown up to be wonderful parents to our 5 grandchildren.  Christmas was amazing when our children were little but it's pretty darn amazing with grandchildren too.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours.  
God bless you all with his love during this holiday.

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