Saturday, December 28, 2013

Chickadees and beautiful sky

Today was a beautiful winter day.  It was 35 degrees and the sun was out, if winter could be like this every weekend it would be great.  I was up early, went shopping and back home just as John was getting done with work.  He headed to the woods with the 4 wheeler.  With the nice weather it gave me the itch to paint something so I tried out my new milk paint.  I might not paint with latex ever again.  

The nice weather was calling me outside so I went to the woods for ride on the wheeler.  We bought a new one and it's been almost 2 months and I've never rode on it, it's about time that happens.  

I took a few graham crackers and rice cakes out for the birdies and they were picking on them within 2 minutes.  

On my short drive home I noticed this cloud with a yellow and pink stripe.  The sun must have been reflecting a ring around it and the clouds were picking up the edges of it.  

Here is the sun in relation to the colored clouds.  The cloud is to the far left with the sun flare from my camera settings heading that way in those same colors.  

Then of course since I'm stopped and we have light I need to play with some sun flare.

I hope you enjoyed the warm beautiful day because the weatherman is calling for some cold days this next week.  

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