Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fran - Vintage Photos

I promised the vintage photos of my Mother-in-law and here they are.  So Shawna and I always plan the Hemmer Christmas Party and this year we wanted something different than the ugly sweaters.  We had a lunch meeting and decided to go vintage and dress Grandma up in vintage clothes for a quick photo session so I could make the invitation.  We didn't tell Grandma what we were doing just be ready at a certain time and we'll pick you up.  She asked what to wear and I told her it didn't matter we would dress her on main street.  If that isn't enough to scare a person but she agreed to it.  

Picture day is here and I get a phone call from her, I answer it "no you're not sick" she tried hard to get out of it but it didn't work.  It's misting and cold but that didn't stop us either.  Grandma got out of the van, we dressed her right on mainstreet as people watched us.  But the cool part.... she went right along with our plans and had no clue why we were doing it.  

I'll let the photos tell you the rest

She really did get into it, Shawna and I were laughing and screaming when she would get a bit cocky with her poses.  

Then we dropped her back off and she had to wait about two weeks before she found out what the photos were for.  It drove her crazy but I think now she really kinda likes them.  She certainly is still a very beautiful lady and looks dang good for 89.

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Anonymous said...

O My Gosh Connie! These photos are so precious! I actually got choked up looking at them! Grandma looks SO authentic. It reminded me so much of pics of my grandparents in the 40's. Love it! Have fun at your Christmas Party! Elaine