Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mister Bennett is 1

Bennett is one!!  So hard to believe it's been a year since this little man and I met.  It's been wonderful being able to see this family every three months so I kinda hate to see him grow up.  Bennett has a late December birthday which is going to be a struggle for mom to get his birthday party and pictures scheduled every year.  We snuck them in this week on Monday in midst of both our busy lives.  

A couple naked baby shots even though mom knows Bennett will hate these when he's older.  Nothing sweeter than a little bare baby bottom.

While Bennett gets dressed Little Miss Madelyn sported her cowboy hat and boots.  

Here's Mister Bennett, and of course he likes his tongue out of his mouth.  

A few more naked shots of Bennett and his teddy bears.

Can you find Madelyn?

Loved this one in sepia too

I met this family for their maternity photos with Madelyn and now they are good friends, it's very special to spend time with them creating their memories forever.  As you enter their home it's filled with love and family.  Photos of their family fill their home and makes my heart swell.  

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