Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hemmer 2013 Vintage Christmas

Saturday was our Hemmer family Christmas gathering.  The last two years have been ugly sweaters and us planners get bored easily so we switched it up.  Since Grandma Hemmer just loves her granddaughters in her look alike photo we decided to do a vintage theme.  Shawna and I took Grandma out for some vintage photos to use on the invitation (that's another post) and then the fun began trying to find vintage Christmas outfits.  

Lynn and Jesse were all about the day, they really have a great time getting together with all the cousins and watching the kids play.  

It was freezing cold outside and a much prettier place for photos so everyone will be wearing their jackets so you'll have to imagine the fun wardrobe choices under those coats.

Shawna and Mike with their dirty street boys and of course Tiny Tim

Ed and Jeannie or is that Theodore Roosevelt? 

Ken and Tomi were headed to Florida and stopped by for an hour or so before they left.  It was great to all see them off as a family.  

Ron and Rondi.  Ron has a really sad face and was in tears most of the day cuz Lynn and Jesse ruin his belief in Santa.  56 years he made it and then bam they ruined it for him.

Amber and the kids made it too.  She was a very caring wife and left Nate home to get the house and garage cleaned up for Allison's birthday party.  Thanks Nate we really appreciate having Amber and the kids with us :)

Adam Sr. and Adam Jr.  This boy is growing way too fast, he's nearing 9 months already and I know I've said this before but he's the happiest baby ever.  All day long and not a single cry or whine out of him as he got passed from one person to another.  

Grandma Fran, the gal that started it all.  Some of the stories she tells us it's amazing this family happened.  She's a Chicago girl and to get married to an Iowa farmer is pretty amazing.  Two different worlds but her love for Gilbert changed her into an amazing wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and great grandmother.  

Travis and Jenn with the kids.  Let's hope the wedding day is a bit warmer, we all can't wait to celebrate with you.

Shannon and Kyle and kidos huddled for a photo, it didn't take long for them to warm up to all the kids and play all day long while Shannon snuggled Jr. she always needs her baby time.

John had to work a full shift on Saturday so he was a bit late to the party and when he walked in his mother laughed at him.  She thought he looked like a Mob guy.  
I think he looks pretty darn handsome :)

 There were many that couldn't make it today but we were thankful for everyone's good health and happiness this holiday season.   The day was pretty amazing together making memories, holidays are all about family and when you can find a spot to gather these growing families to share with each other it's worth every minute.  We thought the hunting cabin was built big enough for parties like this, it was mentioned several times how we might have to think about adding on soon.  
Oh what a wonderful problem to have.  :)

I'll post the pre-grandma vintage photos soon and maybe even some snapshots during our game time. 

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