Friday, November 29, 2013

Frosty Morning and Hunting

 Day after Thanksgiving is usually our sister's Black Friday shopping, however this year it lands on the Anniversary of John's fathers death.  It's been a year already since he's been gone, it's crazy how that time flies by.  It did not feel right to leave John home alone, I've had that 1st anniversary and it's certainly a day you could use others around you, even if nothing is mentioned about it, it's just having someone to share your space and know that you know what today is.  

So our morning starts out with John waking up as the sun was rising and he looks out the window.  He lays back down and about a minute later he says "don't look out there".   
Me - "why"
John - "just don't"
Me - "you know I'm going to look now so tell me"
John - "just don't look and it will make me happy"
Me - "why will me not looking make you happy"
John - "cuz if you look you'll have to get up"
Me - "why?"
John - "just don't look, please"
Me - of course I look "OMGeeeeee"
Me - running around the bedroom "get up, get up, geeeeetttttt UP"
John - pulling the covers over his head  "why did I have to say anything"

So I run around getting dressed, finding my boots, yelling for him to hurry.  He looks at the temp and it's 1 degree out.  He tries to talk me out of going outside with that.  I'm not buying it, what's a little cold.  I went outside while he frogged around stalling for time and hoping that I'd forget that I wanted to go out in the woods or I'd be frozen already.  

Didn't happen I am ready to capture this beautiful frost with more trees and birds.
We head out to the woods and the frost is getting lighter and lighter.  We must live in a hole.  It was still pretty when we got to the cabin.  Here it is all frosty and cold as the morning sun comes up.

The frost really wasn't as pretty here but as long as we're here we might as well take a walk.  And since it's still hunting season John uses me to take a few nature walks to push any hiding deer to him. 

I get to the backside of the old Hemmer farm, it was all pretty in the frosty morning.

As John and I were walking I of course was walking to fast.  I didn't think it was a "be quiet" walk but I was mistaken when I coughed and he looks at me and says "really".  I guess that means be quiet.  Do you know how hard it is not to clear your throat or cough when you are suppose to be quiet?  I had another coughing urge so I pulled my head into my coat and quietly coughed.... yep got the look again.  

This next trail is called Holy Land, it's where John has hunted behind the farm since he was old enough to hunt.  John was headed out to another trail and I had to wait until he "let out a hoot".   Now what does that mean really, is he going to hoot like and owl, is it going to be a one time hoot or a hoot, hoot, hoot.  I take a few pictures and wait.

I wait some more and listen for a hoot, of course I'm wiggling cuz I don't stand still and my jacket is loud against my ears and I don't really know what kind of a hoot he's going to make.  Ok so still no hoot but I'm thinking he's got to almost be back to the cabin by now so I head down my trail I'm supposed to be on.  I came out with perfect timing, thank goodness and I didn't cough at all.

As cold as it was it sure felt good to get out there and walk and spending quality time with John today made it so worth it.  John sent me on another nature walk but this time I didn't know the trail, it's a new one they just made.  I gave him the look that if he was trying to get me lost it was a great plan.  He whispers "follow my footsteps I walked it yesterday".  Oh ok, I can do that.

Didn't flush anything out of that trail but had a moment to realize going Black Friday shopping with lots of crazy people, long lines, bright lights, rushing around or I could be doing this.... taking a walk in the quiet of nature, watching the birds, looking at the small miracles of God.  I might have to change my day after Thanksgiving tradition.  

We got back to the cabin and I spent some time with the birdies.  

As I stood against a tree wearing my blaze orange Adam drives in and gets excited that his dad is shooting a deer..... nope just your mom shooting the birds.

Got back home and took a few more of the hoar frost that we had.  

After that adventure we headed to the cemetery to put out Dad's Christmas cross.  Ed was there when we got there so John and him took care of putting it on the pole.  

And a beautiful plant was delivered to John's mom today.  She asked me if I could have sent a bigger one and I said "nope I bought the biggest one in the shop".  

Rest in peace dad

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