Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Up North Painting and Deer

Our last weekend up north was a cold one so I decided to tackle a painting project.  I started in the kitchen with primer and couldn't find a way to stop in the kitchen so I went through the dining room and then down the hall and then into the laundry room and...... oh it goes on and on........ I wanted all the rooms painted eventually anyway.  I couldn't see letting the ugly wood cabinets either so off the doors go and primer is covering them in the kitchen and laundry room.  Our plan was to go out for supper for our Anniversary but both of us agreed to stay in and enjoy our night.... me painting and John flipping channels.  

Sunday morning we're up bright and early, made some breakfast and I grabbed my paint brush since I only had one half of the kitchen to prime yet, I can get that done before we have to head home.  One swipe with the brush and for some reason I hear my phone and it's on silent.  It's John's brother Ken who needed help tracking a deer he shot.  Of course I say "yes we'll leave right now"  Pack up the brush and primer and leave this place a mess.

I wanted to capture a few pictures of the process but in the rush I just used my phone.  This is showing half the kitchen primed and the island sticking out not touched.   

This is the wall in the dining room, I'm kinda liking the distressed look of the primer.  

My arm was still hurting but I tackled this job anyway, it's gotten better but not totally gone so I have just learned to live with the minor pain I have.  Painting might make it worse but that was a risk I was willing to take.  Amazingly enough the painting has actually made it feel better I only have pain now when sleeping and putting my jacket on.  I can totally live with that.............. then tonight we had a wet heavy snowfall.  I wiped off my truck before leaving work and threw a few snowballs at one of the guys.... hopped into the truck and called Lynn to tell her to stay home tonight with the kids.  She's on my truck phone and I put the truck in park as I wait for her to answer and I open my door to wipe off a ridge of snow on the windshield that I thought might be an issue for seeing left.  I step onto my running board and push myself up at the same time to stand on top of it and it's covered in ice, my foot slips I go down I catch myself with my left arm on the door, my feet are slipping everywhere trying to stop me from falling on my head on the blacktop.  My right arm is grabbing at the door trying to hang on and the left is losing it's grip.  In slow motion I fall onto the ground and can't get my bearings because of the ice that I'm slipping on, Lynn yelling on the phone, me laughing my head off and the guy I threw snowballs at yelling at me "What the heck are you doing?"  I hurt, I hurt everywhere but I'm so thankful I put the truck in park instead of holding the brake while I open the door to wipe it off (I've done that many times).  I just might be a bit embarrassed to go to work tomorrow and explain that story cuz I jumped off the ground, wiped off the snow that was stuck to me everywhere and hopped back in the truck without saying a word to him..... I'm such a dork.

If you're still reading this.... here's the deer that we left for.  It took them on an adventure all day long but they did get him right before dark.  I'd say he's worth the half painted cottage.

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