Thursday, November 28, 2013

Another Newborn Baby Boy

 I've had a stretch of baby boys here this summer and fall and here is another one to add, of course little boys have a special place in a momma's heart and mine too.  

Layden is Baby A's cousin, I think they might get into a little trouble together when their old enough to wonder out on their own.  Both their dad's would live in the woods if they could and I'm sure these two boys will be dressed in camouflage and orange before they can walk. 

Layden was a bit of a stinker, he would not get comfortable at all.  No matter what we did he was determined to stay away and wiggle.  We tried everything, we fed him an ounce and he threw up right down mom's shirt.  We snuggled him in his fuzzy blanket, he was almost settled so we very carefully took off his diaper so we could get the naked shots and he pee'd on mom right down her shirt.  Well we all know there is only one thing left to do and yep he did it, poop'd on mom too.  So he should be all ready for a bit of a nap you would think.  Nope not this little guy.  After 2 hours we dressed him back into his onesie and diaper and decided to get the most important shot (if we could).  All dressed back up and in a snuggly hat and blanket laying on dad's moose horn he's pretty happy.

It didn't last long though.  While mom tried her last attempt at getting him to sleep I played around with her blocks and blue booties that we've used for photos of his reveal and maternity.  

We did finally get a somewhat sleepy baby if we didn't talk, move, breath the wrong way.

Layden's bedroom is a hunting theme so using these sheds were a must.  

Mom and Dad didn't intend on their photos to be taken but while we waited for Layden to get sleepy I took a few.  I cropped them a little differently, I like how they form a heart on the bottom right.

Then I merged them together for something a little different.  

So even though little Layden is the boss and this was not his idea we got some pretty awesome pictures for mom and dad to remember how truly special their gift from God is.  

Thank you Megan and Jason, I can't wait to watch your little guy grow and I really can't wait to capture photos of Baby A and Baby L together. 

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