Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Cleaning Up North

Once again it's time for fall clean up at the cottage.  The amount of leaves we {I mean John} has to rake up is unbelievable.  The trees are so pretty all summer and fall and then when they drop to the ground they become not so pretty.  John pretty much had to do all the raking this year because my arm is finally feeing better and I didn't want to go back to the painful nights so I walked around with my camera, put wood in the fire and stayed warm inside the cottage.   

I did a little painting in the living room a while ago, it looks really good and much more welcoming than the paneling.  

We also used an old door for a headboard.  Now I just have to wait for this arm to get lots better for me to start painting the other rooms.  We got time.

Leaves are done, outside is winterized and the fireplaces are throwing heat.  I kinda like this time of year up north.  Brisk air, warm campfire, beautiful views and a cozy cottage to enjoy.  

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