Sunday, November 3, 2013

October Photo Club

For October we've had it planned since February to go to the cemetery and the time finally came.  It sounded so good then but the closer it got the colder it got and the sooner it got dark.  Cemetery, Halloween, Dark, Spooks, Cold..... oh yeah what fun it was going to be.  

Gayle and I went a bit early and placed spooks around for some interesting Halloween photos and then we walked down by Mom and had a glass of wine to warm up and get our nerve on for later when it got dark.  Well Gayle says "hey Mom we're taking pictures tonight wanna come out and play?"...... I said "what are you doing?, are you crazy?, do you remember how she played pranks on us?"  Oh well it was too late, she said it and we had to deal with whatever mom had planned.

The other girls got there and the night started out great, it was actually warmer than what I thought it would be and the sky was great for photos.  

Here's one of our spooks guarding a metal cross.

A few loose heads.....

and rats.....

and crows.....

And one very scary monster

I'm okay with all that since it's still light out.  There are a lot of interesting photos to take in the cemetery during the daylight hours.

The skeleton man and I had a little photo shoot session, he did very well.  No complaining, no wiggling, but very few smiles.

It quickly got dark so we placed a spot light and shined it into the graveyard.

One spooky star shinning in the sky.

Love how the light shined through the cross stones.

Here is a shot of the truck with the spotlight shining.  It lights up the stones with the spider (far right) and the skeleton man with the felt hat (far left) and the crow (close left)

Okay now here's where it got weird.  We didn't know it at the time so that helped a ton not to be freaked out.  We stayed there for a long time in the dark and thought it was really fun.  A bunch of girls in the dark in the cemetery close to Halloween with my mother invited.   AHHHHHHHHHH

So when I got home I uploaded my photos and started culling through them and when I flipped past this one it caught my attention and quickly scrolled back to it.  WHAT is that?  Do you see the human like figure leaning over the skeleton man?  That was not there, we were all in the same area and no one was in front of us.  The figure appears to be wearing big alien type boots that you can see through and a power ranger like mask/helmet.  

It was a great night, every month it just keeps getting better and better and we have so much fun.  I'm so grateful for this great group of girls to spend one night a month with even if we are in the company of spirits.  (liquid and transparent)  :)

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