Sunday, November 3, 2013

Large Family Sneak Peak

I knew I was behind in blogging but didn't realize I was that far behind.  I'll try to catch up for those that haven't seen them on facebook.  

When you get a call to take large family photos it's a challenge for location and weather.  Getting multiple families together on the same date and at the same time is a bit of a miracle in scheduling.  This family is experiencing a difficult challenge that no matter the weather this needed to happen.  And wouldn't you know it we had rain all day, not just a light rain but downpouring rain.  So when life hands you challenges you all stick together and do what needs to happen.  This family did just that, pictures were needed and location didn't matter.  The family room served as location #1.

All the grandchildren and great grandchildren

Add Grandma and Grandpa

Then add everyone into the group.  

Crazyness does happen when you have a large group and why not just embrace it.  These are my favorite ones.

Location #2 was the garage where the family hangs out for football games and just hanging out.  I love it, when a family can be surrounded by all their love in a location that means something to them it's perfect.  

A sweet couple, it's amazing their hearts fit into this frame.  

My thoughts and prayers are with both of you.

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