Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dave and Trina Sneak Peak

This family session was scheduled months ago and the closer it got the worse the weather got.  The day came and so did the cold, rain and wind.  At noon we chatted and thought it was going to be a bust as the rain hadn't quit all day but we decided to give it a try and maybe we could get a few under some random porch roofs.  

And wouldn't you know it the rain quit and it wasn't really that cold.  Beside the ground being wet we were good to go.  

Julia will turn 1 this week and she might have been a little mommy crazy today.  But I could sneak a few of her at a distance.

Ethan might just be the cutest 3 year old ever!!

Trina will be the first to tell you she is a Pinterest junkie but with that she knew exactly what she wanted and they will be very fun shots to hang on the wall.

We sat for a bit so Julia could have a snack and the sun even came out and it was actually warm out.  

The snack wasn't quite enough to make Julia happy not being in mom's arms but with a Pinterest junkie mom we had to try this shot.  Mom's also more than happy with not smiley faces.

The sun was out and it started to rain and the drops just glistened in the sunshine like diamonds.  Had to grab this moment.

It may have been a bit of a challenge to get what we got but in the end it was worth it.  As they were sitting here, Ethan wanting his stick, Julia wanting her bottle I asked Dave and Trina to look at each other and say what they are thinking about this whole process.  And Dave leaned over and gave his wife a kiss.... makes me tear up behind the camera.  Kids will be kids but a family is forever and these moments are captured in print.

I accidentally took the ONE sign home in my bag and Trina called to come pick it up since it was part of the birthday party decorations.  When they got there I ran the sign out and Trina invited us out for supper, so sweet.  Unfortunately I was already making supper so we didn't go but such a sweet family.  Thank you Dave and Trina it was a great afternoon and your kids are adorable. 

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