Sunday, October 13, 2013

Megan and Jason Maternity

Mom's like to remember their baby bellies and what a better way then having photos taken to show just how cute the belly can be at this stage in the pregnancy.  Megan's little baby bump is certainly something to show off, she looks so darn cute and way happy during this last month.  

Jason is getting some hunting in before their baby arrives so getting him to take some time off to have photos taken was a bit of a challenge, especially on a beautiful fall evening.

I love this one, it shows the tenderness Jason has in his heart for Megan.  

When this baby boy arrives Baby A will no longer be the baby on that side of the family but he will be a great cousin.  I'm thinking these boys might get into some troubles along the way.  Megan and Jason we'll be waiting for the message to let us know your little one has arrived.  Thank you for a fun night.  

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