Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Family Photos

Audra called me for Senior pictures of their oldest daughter and even though we couldn't get that to work out we set up a family session for in the fall.  I personally love fall family pictures so of course I'm all for it.  Such a sweet family on a more than gorgeous fall day.

The leaves are changing even though there isn't a lot of color this year, there is enough to bring the fall look to the photos.  This family has two dogs and one being a bit old they wanted to include them in a few of the photos.  Of course squirrels live in the woods..... so a short leash was needed for the old dog.  

Beautiful photo of mom and daughters

Thank you Ben, Audra and kids, it was a great time and you're a lovely family.  It's tough to watch those "first" go off to collage so having memories of you all together is priceless.  

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