Monday, October 14, 2013

Baby A is 6 months

Baby Adam is 6 months and so darn cute.  All the kids were over on Sunday for lunch so I stole Baby Adam for a bit and took a few 6 month pictures.  At the winery on Saturday a sign said "tin is in" so a tin bowl was calling his name. 

He has beautiful blue eyes and that look on his face just makes me want to kiss him uncontrollably, and he let's me.  

Oh yeah there's my smiley boy.  He seriously never cries unless he's hungry or tired.  This is one happy healthy baby.  

He had cute pumpkin socks on so of course we had to see them.  He is a good sitter and loves, loves to play with toys.  

I love him to pieces along with many other people in this family.