Sunday, October 6, 2013

Copper Falls and Up North

John and I had a vacation day for Friday..... weather report......rain, rain and more rain.  Oh well a day off of work in the rain is still a day away from work.  We headed up to the cottage on Thursday night so we didn't know if the colors were peaked or not.  We woke up Friday morning and decided despite the rain forecast we were heading to Copper Falls.  It was a beautiful day, cloudy but warm and no rain.  

My arm has been giving me some troubles lately, so much that I've stopped going to the gym and take Tylenol every 4 hours for the past 2 weeks.  I believe it's rotator cuff inflamation but since I haven't seen the doctor and John worries about me being in so much pain when I sleep it might be torn.  A few nights he wanted to take me to the emergency room during the night but of course I'm too stubborn for that.  I'm tough I can take the pain.  

Everything I do I need my arm.  Weeding, painting, waxing, weights, zumba, painting, weeding, cutting down flowers, weeding, painting, waxing... oh and maybe it hurts a bit when taking pictures.  Lifting my camera up and twisting my arm about sends me into orbit but of course I keep doing it.  Carrying my camera with my big lens is heavy enough to set me back a week or two.  So I compromised with him..... I'm taking my camera but I'll use my "not so heavy" lens.  

When going on a hike don't forget to look up.

A few years back we came here and there was hardly any water, this year was a pleasant surprise.  

Colors are not even close to peaking yet.

I was on the other lookout deck and when I came back I found John just standing here taking in the view.  It truly is a beautiful site.  

Then after I set my camera down so I could grab a shot with my phone for Instagram someone decided to carry it for me and play photographer.  

It didn't rain the entire day but the air was heavy with moisture and it hung on the branches creating fiber optic sparkles.  

After our hike we found this lake with a bit of color.

We headed up to Ashland and was [ this ] close to talking John into going to Applefest in Bayfield until the bartender we were talking with said about 5,000 other people will be there with you.  That was it, Applefest wasn't going to happen.  Oh well we headed back to the cottage for the night. 

Saturday morning was nice and we got the cottage winterized and some firewood cut and then it stated to rain.  And it rained hard but with our new patio area by the basement we had a tin roof over our heads and we watched it rain.

And yes one more time getting the camera..... my arm doesn't hurt that bad John.  

As bright as the colors were this is when it was raining so hard you could bearly see.  

A little ducky swam by as it was pouring.  Our last wheelbarrow of wood that didn't quite get unloaded yet before the rain started.  

This next photo just says Cottage to me.  This was a break in the rain and as you can see we keep using the wood in the wheelbarrow to keep the fire going.  

We had a pair of Palliated Woodpeckers that ate the berries on a tree right next to the cottage all weekend but they were smart enough to hide behind branches so I couldn't get a decent shot of them.

It was a great weekend even with the rain.  The neighbors joined us and we had a few drinks and a fantastic supper.  Watched a movie and HGTV until early morning.

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