Friday, September 27, 2013

September Photo Club - Horse Ranch

I'm not much of an animal lover, actually I don't touch animals unless I really have to and that doesn't happen very often.  BUT I love to look at most animals..... from far away.  When driving by cows and horses I think the sunlight is so beautiful on them.  So I asked a good horse lover friend if she had any suggestions for our photo club.  She hooked me up with the sweetest horse lover ever.  She has a cool barn, a pond, horses, a donkey, fence, trees...  Okay that's all we need and she was willing to let us into her ranch to roam as we pleased with cameras in hand.  There are quite a few of us and we laugh a lot so she has no idea what she's getting into.  

Sorry for the watermarking in the center I need to protect the photos for the owner

When we arrived it was a beautiful site right from the get go.

The pond was shimmering with colors behind it

The horses were so friendly that they got right up in your face so close ups was the name of the game.

They started to relax and move away from us.

I love this one with the blue eyes and those long eyebrow hairs.

Well remember that I don't like to touch animals.... well these gals didn't care, they were demanding attention from me.  I did pet them a little, someone even caught it in a photo or I could deny that it happened.  

She has the cutest donkey and the sunlight on her hairy ears is the greatest.  

Cleanest barn I've ever seen

She's back and in my face again demanding attention

This one is a happy accident, I forgot to change my settings and happen to get a pretty amazing outcome of the little gal.

This little horse got a bit spunky and had to go for a time out.  

Now it's time for the horses to run

and buck

and jump

The owners heading out to bring the horses around

Mallory came with Lynn, of course when there is animals involved Lynn's not getting out of the house without her.  She loved it and of course found flowers in the field.

Mally is showing me how the horses mouths look

Will you share your flowers with me.  "Nope but you can take a close up"

One last look at the little girl on time out.  She's so darn little and cute.

These horses all have stories behind them and since Kristy is much better at telling their stories because it comes from her heart I'll let you read about them on her site here 

Thank you Kristy and Brandon it was truly a pleasure to share in your night.  I could come there everyday and photograph the horses, they are beautiful.  

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